Monday, April 9, 2012

What is Next for Me?

It's ironic how life takes us in directions that we don't expect or want. Three months ago I had a job that I liked well enough, though to be honest I was already a bit bored and looking at other options.  I work in marketing and in the past I've worked on lots of fun  projects. The perks are amazing. One of the coolest was working with the NFL and then getting tickets for the Giants-Pats Super Bowl in Phoenix. Eli Manning is amazing.  =) 

Marketing can be a lot of fun. My line manager worked on a completely different part of the business though, and though I did occasionally help out with her projects I am not interested in doing her job full time. I like working with consumer insights, campaigns, new product launches, etc. If you work on a dynamic brand there is tons to do and it can really be a lot of fun. Exciting, challenging, varied, etc etc etc. I don't enjoy marketing as much as healing, but coupled with a cool work environment it can be a good career path. Possibly not my vocation but a good day job ... 

If you were to plot a my level of interest on a graph, where the X-Axis is Passion and the Y-Axis is "Time-Fly-Ability",  energy healing and spirituality would be in the upper right hand corner at the very limit. Brand management would still be high on the "Time-Flies" scale but not so high on "Passion".  The line of work that my boss was in would fall in the lower-left-hand quadrant, nil for Passion/Interest. And time doesn't fly if you're not having fun. 

About two months ago my line manager left, I got promoted, and since then I have been juggling her projects and mine. To make it more fun our PA also left. What my line manager used to do is important, so my old job has been re-assigned  and now I'm 100% focused on what she used to do.  Lower-left-hand-quadrant stuff. 


This is only supposed to be temporary. They're going to find someone to replace my boss, and fingers-crossed someone to replace me. Working in a corporate environment is like playing with legos, a whole lot of pieces have to fit together for people to move from one job to another.  Right now nothing would make me happier than being able to skip this step altogether, but that won't be possible. Plenty of people hate their jobs so I suppose I can be dissatisfied with mine for a couple of months?  How bad can it be? I'm hoping when I get into the details it will be a little bit more interesting and challenging. If time flies a little bit I'll be happy. 

I'm also thinking there has to be a lesson in all of this for me. Not sure what it could be ... is it patience? The "King of Wands" from my last post tells me I need to work on my leadership skills.  I will take that on-board for now, and think about my options in the background. I'm going home for 2 weeks in May and when I'm back I shall start thinking about my next steps.  My notice period is a couple months anyway, so even if I threw in the towel I 

Grrrrr ...

I was thinking about this today while I was out shopping in High Street Kensington. There are a couple ways to look at it, one is that I'm stuck. I don't want to adopt this attitude.  The other is that I am merely "baby-sitting" this job for the time being, and in the near future I will be doing something I love. The question is, what do I want that new job to look like and where will I find it? Is it still in marketing? Is it healing? Is it writing? Healing and Writing are definitely in the top quadrant. Brand management is a close 2nd,  and it has the added benefit of a stable income and job security. 

So I wonder, what comes next? It is time to think about what I want to do with my life, and then manifest it. I feel like I'm at a cross roads and there are actually lots of options. At least I know what I don't want to do, and that will force a change in the coming months. Change is good. This is my silver lining  ...   =) 

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. For some reason I found myself reading your blog, quite unexpectedly...and am really interested in what you are writing.
    I too am really interested in Tarot cards and recently bought some runes, which are even more interesting.
    After reading your post, I scrolled down and read your previous post...and that made me smile. Just goes to show that there are a lot more things that we don't really understand. I believe we DO have guardian angels, and in reincarnation. I have fears that I am working on at the moment.

    Following you.

    1. Hi Megan, Thanks for the message! Glad you liked the blog =)

      I really like cards but I try not to use them too often lol as they can be a little bit addictive. Have got a nice pack of runes as well but I haven't quite managed to get the hang of them. I think it has been easier for me to learn the meanings of the cards.

      WIll have a look at your blog as well!

  2. I find I tend to use crystals as well as semi-precious stones as each Tarot card has it's own stone.
    Runes are easier to read though, but anything a bit different is always amazing to me. I recently bought a copy of Cunninghams Book of Spells and am engrossed with that at the moment. ;)

    1. Hi Megan, I hadn't heard about stones being linked to tarot cards. That is pretty sweet! Which one is linked to the King of Wands? LOL. I might find myself a nice pendant to wear =) Thanks!

  3. i have always been interested in tarot cards,but never learned how to use them correctly.I am a sensative but dont know if I have the ability to read them.