Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quieting the Mind is a Vacation in Itself

Today I tried a new approach when I was closing down my healing client after our first session. I asked two of her overworked chakras to take a holiday and try to switch off for the next week or two! One of them readily accepted and the other one pushed back LOL. 

This client had an overactive brow/mind that was feedings lots of worrying thoughts into the solar plexus. This in turn, manifests as anxiety and stress, which the client is very aware of. She asked me to work on anxiety in the healing session and after clearing, balancing and healing the SP for about 10 minutes I was finally led to the brow. What else did I do during the session? I cleared her channel and there was a lot of clutter near the solar plexus. I also worked on her heart chakra and put in a strong grounding chord from the heart to the centre of the earth. 

It wasn't until I was closing her down that this idea of a holiday came to mind. I've read about chakras switching off for a short period when they need a break, but I had never thought of suggesting it. Her solar plexus really welcomed the idea of a prolonged holiday. I told it that the heart could take over for the next week and intercept any worrying thoughts. Hopefully these will just go down the grounding chord to the centre of the earth. Next time I do a healing I will talk to the solar plexus again and ask it to send anything it doesn't want down that grounding chord. 

The brow chakra is going to be a tricky one to work with. Her mind is still very active, and there is a big difference between thinking, worrying and seeing. What our minds eye really needs to do is see clearly so that our heart chakra can process the information and make a decision. For those of us who are very analytical, the problems start to arise when we let our brow chakra hang on to all of the information and expect it to make a decision on it's own. Things are more than what they appear to be, and only our heart chakra can make sense of it all. This healing client was a bit of a mirror for myself as well. I've spent a lot of time lately worrying and thinking about the future. Instead I should just let it slide and wait for things to happen - if they ever do! So many of the things that we worry about never happen. It is more relaxing to go with the flow and deal with things as they come. If we are grounded and centred I'd like to think the universe and our guides will send warning signs before something big happens. 

I will take my own advice and give my brow chakra a holiday for the rest of the month. I am also going to go off coffee - for real this time - and I am going to work on being grounded, in my body and aware of my surroundings. This will help me take it easy and I will only deal with what is right in front of me! A nice mental holiday! 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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