Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The King of Wands

A couple days ago I bought a really cool tarot deck. I love it because it takes you through four greek myths, and ties each scene to a different card in the series. So say the Suit of Cups is about a love story, with the ups, downs and steps that you might expect in a normal relationship. The Suit of Wands is about that creative spark that drives us to create wonderful things in our jobs and in our hobbies. Think it also has to do with how to act on our ambition.  

I've been playing around with it the past few days and have actually done multiple mini-readings on myself to test my knowledge of the cards and also to test my intuition (if that's the right word). One of the things I asked about was my current job, and funny enough the card I pulled reflected one of the things that I'm supposed to work on this year:  Leadership! 

This isn't to say that I'm not a leader now, but what I need to work on is becoming more of a people leader; taking responsibility and initiative. I think the more you advance in the corporate world the more of a leader you need to be. And in life. I am sure it will come in handy if I ever make the move to full-time healer/writer/intuitive. With this in mind I wasn't too surprised when I pulled the following cards last night: 

  • Knight of Wands:  Juliet Sharman-Burke tells us this often signifies a change of residence, because the individual feels to cramped in their current surroundings. This is so me! Moving half-way across the world because I was bored and cramped 2 years ago, and I'm still a bit of a nomad. And now my sights are set on healing, but that is definitely part of my life plan .... 
  • Ten of Wands: Poor little soul who is overburdened by a really heavy load of sticks. Half them they could dump, and the rest they could carry in a much more convenient way. So true!  I could take a lot of my plate and still be full. This being the 2nd card tells me what I should do. Instead I find myself drifting back to that Knight of Wands and wanting to skeddadle. Not the way forward ... 
  • King of Wands:  To quote Juliette Sharman-Burke, this is "the spirit of leadership, the belief that one has a better idea worth promulgating and working to make it manifest." It is also about engaging people and getting them on your side. LOL I wonder what is in store for me here! Maybe soul healing on a much larger scale? I like the sound of that   =) 

I thought this reading was fantastic because I have the qualities of the "Knight" and need to work on becoming a "King". The Queen isn't anywhere in that reading and I'm wondering how one goes about hopping from point A to point C.  The second card connects the dots -> I need to choose my projects carefully and decide what I will focus on.  Again this is something my boss told me to work on LOL. Funny how you can hear the same message in real life and then see it in the cards. It really hit home when I saw the spread, in part because it confirmed what I already knew, but mostly because the cards are so VISUAL. 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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