Sunday, April 1, 2012

Past Life Traumas of the Physical Kind

Today was another 1st in my healing sessions! I was working with a Healee who complained of headaches and migraines. Wasn't entirely sure what to do with migraines and we are often told that the head is a very sensitive area to begin with. I went straight for her feet and grounding and channeled healing energy upwards towards her brow and crown chakra, with the intent to gently clear them. 

When that was done I felt moved to work on the solar plexus and the brow chakra, with my hands about 4-5 feet off the body. My dad used to get migraines a lot and it reminds me of him sometimes. I have read up on migraines in my healing books and it will often be tied to the brow chakra's symbolic sight, the client's fearlessness to see their future and their life clearly. The fearlessness can also be affected by the solar plexus, which also happens to be paired with the brow chakra. For this reason I spent a good deal of time working on my client's solar plexus as well as her head. Finally I moved on to the heart-crown pairing for clearing, balancing and healing.  

How do I choose what I work on during a session? Sometimes I cover the bases that I am taught in class. Other times I will remember what I read in a book, so in the case of migraines I worked on the crown and brow primarily. When this isn't enough to cover everything, my clairvoyance or clair-sentience will send me a sign. Today I was pretty much done with the healing session, and had moved to ground the client and close him down. I used a huge grounding cord to draw all of the excess energy from his aura and then send it to the ground, and then used my intent to desensitise each of his chakras. I will visualise a flower petal closing down over each chakra, so that it is contained and protected but not shut. 

I was almost done closing him down when I felt a pain on my skull, around the back on the right side. It was dull but persistent, and told me that I wasn't done with the healing session. When this happens it is important to acknowledge it and then send it away - otherwise as a healer you might hang on to other people's aches and pains!  I asked the pain to tell me what it meant, and  a page from Barbara Brennan's Hand's of Light came to my mind. It is from the chapter where she talks about how past life injuries can cause severe aches and pains. This could be the case if someone was killed in a car accident, or in a war and the injury isn't fully healed from their etheric template. I got the feeling the the migraine was linked to an injury from a past life, and that healing that could "cure" the migraines by clearing the memory of the injury. 

The healing session went on for an extra 10-15 minutes while I worked on the head injury.  I put my hands on his shoulders and asked the injury to show me what had happened and where the pain was located. Then I sat behind his and held my hands on either side of his head, just a few inches off his skull. I visualised the injury, the pain and the memory has a reddish haze around his head and used the healing energy to clear it upwards and away from his head. Whenever we remove something from the energy field, even if it's a bad memory or a trauma, we need to fill that space with gold healing light. I put my hands around his head again, and channeled gold healing energy all over his head, brain, and even the top of his spine. Finally I put my hands on his shoulders one last time and asked for a good dose of gold energy to fill his up and continue healing throughout the week. I don't think I'm quite done, but that will hold over until our next appointment and it will also enable the healing to continue when I am not there. 

I didn't mention the past life injury to the client when I was done with the healing session. He did feel the energy during the session, but I don't think it will do him any good to know that he may have had an accident in a past life. He may not believe in past lives to begin with, and having that conversation might cast "doubt" and "skepticism" on the healing. What are your thoughts on this? I can't say that I'm 100% convinced that past lives are real, but believing in them makes it easier for me to make sense of things. Past lives put astrology into context and they also make for very interesting discussions on Memories of the Soul! Clients don't need to know what we "see" during a healing session, the healing will still work regardless. I also think I have a deep rooted fear of quack-healers who go about scaring people, so I would rather not go there at all. 

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  1. Hi what a lovely experience :). Let me tell you one of stories... One of my. Past life regrections to try to understand a relationship with a very close relative. Years ago I went and did this regrections and found out that this relative who I had so many troubles with was my son on another life who ended up killing me with a knife from behind on my back. There had been a accident my wife told me she was leaving me and we shout, she was holding a knife and my a stupid accident she end up with on her... Bleeding...I was too scared! We lived in a small village, even though I was ok with her leaving me I knew no one would have believed me, so I run! I run all my life...and so did my son who promised himself to find me and kill me. And so he did, full of hate without giving me a chance of explaining!
    In this life he turnout to be my aunt who I lived with all my life, who loved me but was incapable of showing it and who has so violent and angry and unpredictable all her life. So much anger inside!
    Interesting that all my life as a child had pains in my back like knifes, no one knew why or could explain it. I instively would offer the suffering for the good of all (when I look back I still don't understand how I could think of that so young-4,7,10) but I did and as an adult specially after that regrections that have gone. When the therapist asked to see myself as I should have died (as the knife death was not my planned death) I saw myself falling from a horse and breaking my back. In this life a few months after I left her and came to live in London I had a terrible silly accident

  2. For no reason couldn't finish writing!? so here it goes:
    The accident broke my back!I was taken to hospital, lost 12h of my memory and was sent home in pain without one single x-ray! ... Turn out I went into a coma at home for weeks, had my senses all mixed up for months...pain for years... Finally an x-ray taken privately a year after shown a miracle (doctors words: do you believe in miracles? because I do now!). The two vertebrates that were completely cracked have healed without treatment!Had it been 2ins down I could have been paralyzed...
    So here is a case of that does not belong here doesn't not belong here but sometimes one still has to go through the experience. I did not die even though after I found out what I did is closed to a miracle... or better still that my guardian angel did a fantastic job! ;) I am here telling the story, the injury is there, I can do most normal things... I have some not so good days but that is something we all do... :)
    Love and light to you. x

    1. Hi Maria, That sounds really intense, both the past life story and the miraculous recovery from your back. Funny enough I have had 2 classmates who broke their backs in car crashes and both of them are able to walk today. Both cases are were drastic too ...

      Anyhooo, I am really interested in past lives. I do believe in reincarnation as a concept and I'm open to the idea, but I still have a hard time getting my mind to actually understand it. I've heard a couple stories about past lives and my conscious mind still processes it like a novel or a movie somehow. Not sure how to explain it =)

      It's late and I'm not making much sense so I'm off to sleep LOL

      Thanks for replying on MOTS forum as well!

  3. That is so crazy that you can even know about a person's injuries in a past life! Does it make you feel like you know everyone's secrets, even if you don't share them? It seems like so much information to have to be responsible for- good for you to take on such a huge responsibility!

    1. Hi Jade, Thanks for the comment. Funny thing is I don't feel like I am taking on responsibility. Its always the client who self-heals and I just help them along the process by directing the energy. When I get clues like this past-life trauma it helps me direct me attention to the right place. At the end of the day the healing session has to be tailored to fit the client and what they are comfortable with.

      In this case we ended up talking about the tension in their body, where they thought it came from and how they could shield themselves and take an active role in releasing the pain.

      The healer facilitates the session but I don't think we take on a huge responsibility. After all we have our guides and angels to show us the way, and we also talk to our real-life healing supervisors for direction.

      Thanks for the comment =)

  4. I think it is good to tell the client, and you can feel protected in doing so. If they don't believe in past lives, it might open their mind. Be unafraid, and share the real details. It can add new dimensions of healing to the client's experience.

    -From one who died previously in a car accident

    1. Hi Kelly, Hearing about some of my past lives has really helped me put some of my fears into perspective, so I do see the value in a good past life healing/clearing. If the person is open to hearing about past lives I would mention it. Maybe I can ask how they feel about past lives and if they've considered it, before going into details. I just want to be sure that I respect their views and beliefs, and that I explain it in a way that makes sense given their present circumstances =)

      Anyhooo, I had a past life healing that really helped, have a look: