Sunday, February 26, 2012

Connecting with London's Trees

One of the things I like about meditating is how things come to life. Today I sat down to open up before my healing session, and the meditation went in a completely different direction. I will usually sit down, fill the room with white light, throw down my roots and then open each of my chakras starting at the root and working my way up. At that point I send my attention to the highest source of light and draw a white beam towards me.  Then I surround myself in a bubble of white light, and off we go! 

Today a few extras cropped up along the way:

  • The first thing I did was take a couple really big breaths, and from there I went on to fill the room with white light. It didn't feel like enough though and the whole building filled up with white light. All the way down to the foundations. I saw a huge rectangle of white light rising up from the bottom and clearing all of the energy as it went upwards. It went through each floor and finally towards the sky. I could sense some passengers riding the white disk but I didn't pay much attention to them. 
  • Next I cleared my own flat three times using the same method, and then let multiple tornados of light spin through it. It was very light and airy by then, and when the tornados were gone I saw a shower of white light fill every inch of space. The tornados and the white light were both airy and they were not clearing anything heavy. It was a nice infusion of white light. 
  • There are huge trees at the front and back of the building, and because it's February they have no leaves on them. Nevertheless, trees still have powerful energy and in my meditation I could sense green leaves surrounding the building and even  lining the walls of my healing room. I was also very aware of their root, and followed my own roots down where I could feel the trees roots supporting me. My first thought was, how nice! I like working with these trees! At that point I became aware of all the trees on my street, in the neighbourhood and even the nearby Kensington Gardens.  What a lovely image! The trees are all interconnected and we can tap into their energy to ground ourselves and to heal as well. 

I just love how many trees we have in London. The trees on my road are tall and really leafy, but at certain times during the year, the release a sap that makes is very slippery on the ground (even if the scent is just delicious).... 

  • What else? I also got some healing for myself. Particularly on my left eye, my brow and my crown. My throat also feels really dry and parched and the message I got is that TOO MUCH COFFEE is causing this. My left eye also started twitching when I was opening up the brow and Coffee was also the culprit on that one. So the Caramel Machiatto I had this morning will be my last. Not allowed to go into Starbucks for the next month - and that will do wonders for my debit card balance! Last night I sat down to meditate for a bit and clear stuck energy and I could really feel the difference this morning. 

I haven't been meditating and healing myself as much as I'd like to and I now have a list of things to look at before I'm done with the healing course. I'm going to approach this in my natural blue style, and make a list that I can cross off as I go along. First off will be some ancestral clearing and healing. A lot of very particular memories have been popping into my mind and I think those are things that I need to look at before I do anything else. My meditation today was only 15 minutes and it worked wonders. In my last psychic reading class the teacher told us we should be doing 30 a day but I'm going to stick to 15 very focused minutes instead. 

Sitting in Nature is Meditation Too!
(or picture yourself there!)

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. My time spent in prayer is very focused, and I feel that is most important. To stretch something out to fill a time requirement seems pointless if you surrender focus to do so. ~Marcia

    1. I agree, 15 minutes works well for me and I occasionally do longer, it depends on how the meditation goes and if "things come up" =)

  2. Hey Geena!
    Glad you are taking some time to devote for yourself <3
    I've had plants communicate to me that "we are thirsty!" Weird huh?
    The caffeine thing has been coming up a lot in my life as well. Hard to make the break, you feel so tired without it but the meditations I have been listening to on Hay House (Depak, Browne, Virtue etc) have been talking about sensitives cutting coffee out-- that it interrupts our "flow" so to speak. It's definitely parch causing. As a woman who has been a barista for the last 6-7 years of my life, I know how much it can dehydrate you!
    Good luck this coming month. My fave is a caramel macchiato, replace the vanilla syrup Sbux uses with Coconut and mmmm!

    1. Hi Emili, THanks for the comment! I have heard that we need lots of water to keep channeling and using psychic energies, etc. Coffee is a diuretic so it don't help. I haven't cut it out 100% but I've cut back to about 4 cups this week, and most of them were decaf.

      How do you feel about green tea and black tea (i.e. Chai Tea Latte's?)


    2. Depends! A chai tea latte from Starbucks for example (I worked there for three years) is a sugary spiced liquid and doesn't have caffeine though is extremely delicious (soy chai with whip cream and no water for me!) is a good drink if you just want something delicious and to keep you in the motions of drinking out of a coffee cup. However, if you want to mix loose tea with milk and water (or whatever you choose, honey, soy milk etc) I like those better for cutting out espresso caffeine because you still have some of the caffeine that comes from the tea leaves. I prefer Earl Gray mixed with Peppermint, dash of honey, half water to let it steep and soy milk to top it off. I'm not a big fan of green tea though I do like the peppermint and Yerba Mate (full of antioxidants and other super powerful good proprieties for you-- plus it's got lots of natural energy starters so you get that pep, without the crash.)

    3. Oooh that sounds amazing! I will try that Earl Gray with Peppermint ... is that peppermint tea or actual peppermint? You really know your teas =)

      I really like Chai Tea Latte's because they are delish, there is an Italian Coffee brand here in the UK called Cafe Nero that I absolutely love. Their Chai Tea Latte's are amazing but they are so creamy I'm afraid to ask about the calories hahaha

  3. Ah trees.....I love being in nature surrounded by a forest...just thinking and meditating. There is nothing that comes closer to feeling oneness with Mother Earth.

    1. Yes it's awesome! If I don't have a tree nearby I visualise one around me LOL