Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Who Turned off the Lights?

Funny things have been happening in my flat this week. Funny things. 

Yesterday I shut off my computer and planned to go to sleep at around 10 pm, but then my iPod started beeping with Facebook updates and I turned it back on to answer a question. One hour later, I was still chatting on Facebook, searching for Therapy Rooms to rent in London, and generally wasting valuable sleep time. And I was tired. I've been really tired during the month of January. 

At that moment one of the little ceiling lights in my bedroom fizzled and went out. I took it as a sign from my Spirit Guides or Angels to TURN OFF THE LIGHTS! and go to sleep. So I turned off the light, put my evening meditation on my iPod and dozed off to sleep within 5-10 minutes. 

Today I came home from work and when I turned on my bedroom lights that single light was still off. I made a mental note to email my landlord and ask her to get it fixed. There is a damp on the wall that she is having fixed and I thought they might as well fix my light. The ceiling is too high for me to reach it. 

I hardly touched my computer today and spent my evening giving a healing to one of my case studies, and then reading up on the energetic implications of mental health disorders. Interesting stuff, though I am at a loss with Dementia and PTSD. So I was very productive and didn't waste time at all surfing the internet. One reason was that I want to go to bed early and keep the rest of my ceiling lights!

At 10 pm I sat down to do a closing meditation and proceeded to ground and protect myself. I opened up my throat, crown and brow and then I started to feel really light headed. The next image that flashed through my mind was of my case study lying on a mat during the healing.  I think some of the energy from the healing session was still in the room as I didn't clear it after the session. Big Mistake. 

So I visualised a big tornado touching down in front of me and circling my aura to clear any waste. It went around me twice and then disappeared into the sky. I brought down another big tornado and sent it spinning around the room, making sure it would pickup all of the leftovers and get rid of them. Well guess what! That little ceiling light turned back on when I visualised the tornado going through it!!!

I think my guides used that light to communicate with me, first telling me to turn off the lights and then reinforcing the message that I need to be more diligent with my space clearing and energy management. 

Exciting Stuff! 

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 

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