Thursday, February 2, 2012

Active Meditation

Today I finally went back to the gym and did a full session. First time after my fainting spell earlier this week. The last time I joined a gym I felt totally intimidated by the place and stopped going when the sun came out again. London parks are so much more appealing than indoor training rooms! To make it worse, the gym lost my "notice" sheet so they went on charging me. We haggled over it for months before they admitted their mistake and stopped harassing me.

Now that I'm going to the gym my body feels more alive and energised. At least in the evenings when I get home from the gym. Waking up the next morning is so tough! But overall I feel much better. I'm releasing the toxins that were held in my bones and muscles, and the emotions associated with them as well. Its also nice to get in shape again and work on a little bit of muscle tone. Not so much weight loss, my holiday in Mexico took care of any excess pounds. Evidently I've been in the UK long enough to lose touch with the flu bugs that give flavour to our delicious national cuisine. And I ate a lot of it LOL 

So the toxins are going out, out out!

Tonight I felt motivated to cook myself dinner after the gym. I hadn't cooked in a while and it turned out very very badly. My healing skills are definitely better than my cooking. I bought big button mushrooms and left them to simmer in olive oil, a touch of salt, balsamic dressing and Tabasco. I also bought little chicken strips and grilled them on the stove with Nando's Peri Peri sauce. Somehow the supermarket Nandos sauce is nowhere near as good as the real thing in the restaurant. The chicken was done cooking before the mushrooms, and I made the mistake of pulling the mushrooms out when they were soaking in juices. 

My mom tells me that mushrooms are dry to start out with, after about 10 minutes they release tons of water and you have to leave them until that water dries up. Its not bad for you if you don't, but it doesn't taste so nice (at least not the way I like em!) The chicken was going to burn though and I didn't think to leave it covered so I took the mushrooms out, tried draining them by putting a plate over the top of the pot and letting the water run out in the sink. 

The thing about not cooking is that you don't bother buying the proper kitchen utensils. Last week I didn't have a ladle to pour soup with, and today I didn't have a stringer thing to drain my mushrooms. Sometimes I think the only thing that keeps my blog from morphing into a magical healer blog is the fact that I don't cook. All of the cool witchy bloggers spend tons of time in the kitchen. I have however, spotted a Goddess here and there when working on clients. 

I try not to label things, we don't know enough .... 

But I digress. Evidently if you poor wet soaking mushrooms onto a plate with chicken, the meat will soak up the water and become very mushy. It was like eating soup on a plate. If you ever want to thank me for a free healing session, buy me lunch! The only good thing about this whole ordeal is that I was 100% focused on my task, so it counts as a working meditation. Meditation is about being grounded in the moment and not letting your mind drift. I was very focused on the cooking and forgot all about the outside world.  

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 

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