Saturday, January 28, 2012

Reality Check

Today I had a moment of doubt - a reality check if you like. I really want to make the transition to being a full time healer. Or even a part time healer, part time charity worker / marketeer. Really looking forward to the day when I can fill a Monday-Tuesday with healing clients! Paying healing clients!

Right now I'm still scrambling around trying to find 3 people who will sign up for free healings! OK so I have 2 on going clients who are thrilled to have their weekly session. The 3rd has yet to materialise.

I can include a pet a case study this term which would be really cool. We're not supposed to practice on friends and family at this point, but I wonder if a friend's pet is allowed? Not sure I want to ask though!

Sometimes its better to say you're sorry than ask for permission.

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Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. As a fellow healer and witch, I send my love and light to you to accomplish your goal of becoming a f/t or p/t healer. I too have had good experiences in helping people heal and look forward to some day doing it as my full time job. We must stick together and support each other in this endeavor!

    Love and light and healing energy to you!

    Marci aka Lavender Eagle Feather

  2. Thank You Lavender!

    I found the 3rd client today and now I'm feeling much more relaxed about it. May have found another 2 for the last term (school finishes in July! Can't wait LOL)

    Thanks for the kind words and good luck to you as well! The world needs more healers, and more awareness and understanding of healing.

    Love & Light,


  3. Hi Geena,

    Just found your blog. I look forward to following it and seeing your client base grow! (It will :) )

  4. Hi just found you in facebook and then your link here... You live in London? I live in SE london and my name is Maria I am a counsellor and a gift healer looking to meet other people who understands my 'language' and learn;share and inspire as well as experience each others. As well I am looking for help and inspiration into how and where should I open/develop my private practice and make some money instead of just voluntaring... Hope you get intouch :) Love and light to you <3 x

  5. Thank You Psychic, Your page looks awesome by the way! How long have you been doing online Tarot and how does it work? xoxo

    @Maria: Thanks for messaging me on FB. Like I mentioned I"m also interested in healing as a career/vocation at some point. Try baby steps from a a client-charging point of view. Maybe a few days a month?

    Love & Light,