Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pop Tarts and Spirit Guides

A few weeks ago I joined a gym and I’ve been making an effort to get in shape. Not to lose weight, because my BMI is fine, but to take better care of myself. The area where I've been failing is food. I am a creature of habit and cravings. For example, last night I got home late (from the gym) and put a couple pop tarts in the toaster. Breakfast was not much better. My only saving grace is the cafeteria lunch I have at work every day. Not so tasty but more nutritious than a Pop Tart. 

Tonight I went to the gym again and then to my local supermarket for dinner. First off, I collected ingredients for a Caesar salad, some shrimp to go with it and some pre-cut fruit for dessert. Not much of a cook. 

I’m such a sucker for pre-cut/cooked or convenient food. Last week I was in a convenience store and saw one of those stir fry noodle cups that are always being advertised on TV. They remind me of the a brand that is popular back home; nothing like some greasy noodles to get my flavour buds salivating. I've been really tempted to buy one of these noodles - the ones that just take hot water - but have held back because of the bomb of fat and cholesterol that it is sure to come with it. I love my veins, my heart and my body too much to feed it that stuff. Today I found myself standing in front of the greasy TV noodles once again; to the left I saw a little yellow pack that read: "great for a meal or snack!" 

I picked it up and studied the plain yellow packaging, wondering if that would be a good snack for me. A healthy snack. There have to be low fat and tasty noodles out there, after all, noodles don't have to float in a tub of butter to taste good. Just reminds me of how much I like Dim Sum and other steamed dumplings.

Hmmm, wouldn't it be nice?

There I stood on one end of the canned and pre-packaged foods section, when I heard a strange noise down the aisle. It sounded like a massive deck of playing cards had been shuffled. I turned my gaze to look for the source of the noise - what I saw were 4-5 red pouches of Asian food on the floor. Asian, Indian, Thai, to be honest I couldn't tell from afar but I wasn't interested in the red pouches. It did strike me as odd that I was all alone in the aisle. What knocked them off the shelf???

The next thought to flash through my mind made me laugh. One of the things I have heard is that Spirit Guides will supposedly knock books off shelves for you to read them. I have never quite had that experience, though I did happen to come across a copy of Ask Your Guides by chance. The white cover caught my eye from across the room and I walked over to have a look. I honestly think my Guides made it wink at me, but the book didn't move. 

So the idea that my guides would knock food off a shelf made me laugh. I went with the urge to examine the red pouches. The greasy noodles stayed behind on the shelf.  Nevermore nevermore ... 

This is what fell to the ground (apologies for the blurry photo): 


I just looked at the nutritional tables online, and this entire bag only has three grams of fat. The yellow box of greasy noodles had something like 15 and I don't even want to look at the ones from TV. This is exactly what I had been asking for: a low-fat tasty noodle meal. 


I was holding all of my shopping in my arms so I couldn't squat to pick up the ones that had fallen down. Instead I reached out and grabbed a red pouch from the shelf. At this moment one of the employees walked over to see what had fallen down, and what did he see? There I am holding a huge pile of products in my arms, another 4-5 on the floor. Huge mess, no effort on my side to clean it up. I was about to tell him that I hadn't knocked them down, but why bother? Someone knocked them down to get my attention so I just sorta smiled and walked away with my noodles. 

Loving my Spirit Guides! Thank You! 

Still can't get over it!


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Pie Image: (Updated 2020)


  1. Hahahaha...Geena,there's no reason why you shouldn't be directed to food as well as books. BTW...nice to know someone else is driven by cravings as well...I just try to make them healthy or to find more nutritious substitutes. In-joy

  2. Geena, Have you noticed that since you have become so spiritual food is a pretty big thing? I've noticed for me that the first time in my life I am trying to eat super healthy, fuel my temple so to speak, but I definitely go off and just eat awful things. Scarfed two pop tarts myself the other day!

  3. @ Anonymous - I was reallyyyy grateful for the noodles too =)

    @ Emily, Have definitely noticed how food is so much more of a big thing in my life. I find myself craving water as much as anything else these days. I think all of the energy work makes me thirsty, it really does! Read a post on A State of Mind a couple months ago that talks about how the water in our body helps move the psychic energy, and that can lead to dehydration if we don't replenish it with lots of water and fresh fruits and veggies. Interesting stuff!

  4. Loved the post!Yes guides can do amazing things :) I have this thing that if I need something and I set myself to get it 9 out of 10 I will find it! The other day I was going to this Divine dance thing where we were asked to wear white. I have nothing against white, but I am more of a color person! ;) and so I managed to find the tops, and even a pair of shoes but trouser where only summer short ones and it was cold... so I went out to the two local charities... and guess what? I found a pair of long ones my size!! They were waiting for me! xxx