Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dehydration from Chakra Treatments

Every so often I look at the Google Analytics data on the traffic to my blog. It tells me what posts people look at, how many page views, from what countries and even what search terms they typed into Google! Looking at the search terms can be fun, sometimes I wish I could answer their questions!

Here are some of the search terms: 
  • pagan priestess
  • after energy healing solar plexus pain
  • after my chakra session I feel dehydrated
  • channeling archangels
  • heightened sense of smell hangover
  • clairvoyant acupuncture
  • diary kundalini
  • spells to heal yourself

Today I'm writing for  the person who googled dehydration after chakra sessions. A bit late for them but maybe it can help the rest of us! I don't know a whole lot about dehydration but I have heard a few things about water, energy healing, energy work and why we might feel dehydrated. Here goes!

Our body is 70% water.  Any kind of energy work uses up a lot of this water, Rachel Peterson covers this in a guest post on A State of Mind. Our body uses water as a conduit for our psychic impressions and messages. This work also depletes the water. I don't know if the person who googled it was the healer or the healee, but in either case I can see big shifts of energy that could lead to dehydration.

The big lesson is to drink water regularly, and especially after a healing session.

Love and Light!

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