Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Decisions Decisions ...

The past couple days I've been blessed with multiple psychic readings from other Facebook Psychics and Tarot Readers. Almost like the Universe is paying me back for all the free readings I've done the past few months. What never ceases to surprise me is how each of these readings confirms the ones I'd done for myself, and even some of the recurring thoughts I've been having. 

Here are a few:

- It's time to make a decision! For a couple months I've been asking if I should drop business and move into healing as a career path. I hadn't actually had an answer until a couple weeks before Christmas, when one of my classmates told me I'd be making a career move by the summer of 2012. At first I really resisted.

- Then over Christmas I got to thinking, and I really like the idea of becoming a full-time healer. Or at least a part time healer, writer, and even tarot reader. My job can be fun and it's stable though, so I started having all these fears about how I was going to make up my salary and pay the rent in London. The realisation that  I wanted to do that really stressed me out, so about 2 weeks ago I put it to one side.

- Since then I've given myself a few readings and the message has been that it's time for me to DECIDE what I want to do. Today I Liked Luna Fey Readings Page and got a surprise tarot reading in return. Lovely surprise! Once again the message was that I had to make a CHOICE, that I have a lot of things going on in my life and that I have to let go before I can receive more.

I've already cut quite a few things and I'm proud of that, let's think of what I have left:

My Day Job
Healing School
Anatomy Class - One Sunday to go!
Healing Case Studies
That Book I'm Writing Off-and-On
The Blog
The Facebook Page
The Feeling that I should join a Gym
My Personal Life 
Family and Friends

The order says a lot as well. To say the least and I'd like to flip it on it's head.  I really need some peace and quiet, more time to relax and chill out.  More time to be myself and connect with myself. 

I am going to create more time. 

- So back to these readings and my new found vocation: Healing! Is it only healing though? My intuition tells me I'm going to end up doing a whole lot more than than, but energy healing is a good start. And from July I'll be an accredited healer so I can actually do what I love and pay the rent - at least part of it! I've also been told I need to let go of things before I can receive more. Makes total sense as already I have more than I can handle. Quitting school doesn't make the least bit of sense, I've already dropped the non-essential classes, i.e. the full-on Anatomy Class and my weekly Psychic Readings. I'll pick those up again in the future when the time is right. 

In the past I've considered dropping the blog, but I really like writing and it also helps me understand things better. Make sense of all the things I'm learning in school, with my headings and also on my own. The Facebook Page I could drop, this I've also thought of. But again I really enjoy it! It's so hard! 

Where I am now my big time hoovers are my job, the FB page and School and homework 

And sleeping.

Its time to start my pro-and-con lists and see where I should focus my energy. 

Love & Light!

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 

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