Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Energy Healing as a Complementary Therapy

A couple months ago a friend of mine had the flu and asked if I could send her energy healing. I had to say no. She was pregnant. At the moment I remember thinking it was such a shame that we weren’t allowed to give energy healing to pregnant women. Women aren’t supposed to take painkillers when they’re pregnant, so if we could help them that would be awesome. A real healing need ...    

And as it turns out we can heal pregnant women! There are a few considerations that we learned in class this weekend, and the school had told us we couldn’t yet because we weren’t trained. So from now on not only can I heal my preggers friends, but I can also include pregnant women in my case studies. 

So what were the special considerations? 

The Preggers Clause: When we tune in to perform a healing we typically ground ourselves, attune to that highest source of energy, protect the client and healer, and ask Spirit and the client's higher self for permission to heal. In this case we also ask for the baby's permission to give healing. If only one of them says yes, the healer only works with that one. If the baby says no you protect it in a bubble of light and use your intention to make sure the healing only goes to the mum.

What are the Doctor's Orders? Pregnant women need to provide written consent from their midwife before the healing session begins. This makes perfect sense, from a legal point of view we want to make sure the responsibility stays with the doctor.  Energy healing may be natural, but if it is potent enough to have an effect then it's worth monitoring as part of the client's overall wellbeing and holistic care.  

I am also thinking about asking for the doctor's consent in the following situations: 

- Mental Health Issues
- Cancer Patients
- Chronic illnesses (on a case by case basis)

Adults have the right to refuse medical treatment, in those cases I would suggest asking them to sign a paper stating they have been advised to see a doctor. This serves the dual purpose of protecting the healer in a legal framework, but it also puts the accountability on the client's shoulders. They should be the ones with the strongest interest in getting better, and I would hope that they give themselves the best chance possible. Energy healing does not replace conventional medicine, that is why we call it a complementary therapy (at least in the UK). Personally I do think that people stand the best chance of getting better if they pursue both medical treatment and complementary therapies. In my humble and unscientific opinion, western medicine is good at treating the human body, and to their credit the medical community has been studying how our system works for ages. I haven't gotten through the 1st chapter of my A&P book but they have it all down pat and they are the go-to people when we get sick. How lucky are we to live in a time when a tumour can be removed overnight? Even the most talented self-healer might take weeks or even months working through affirmations, journaling, healing sections, etc. That's not to say it can't be done, Louise Hay talks about her own experience with cancer in her best selling book You Can Heal Your Life. 

Adults have the right to decline medical treatment and many do for cultural or religious reasons. I think it's a shame although I do respect their free will and personal belief systems. The official protocol states that as a healer you should suggest adult clients seek medical treatment, and get them to sign a disclaimer if they refuse to do so (children must be taken to a doctor). At that point as a healer you have to make a call on whether or not you are going to work with the adult. This is a tough question, I'm on the fence now. On one level the healing session always has a benefit for the client, but my practical side also wants to secure the best outcome (in line with their Highest Good - whatever that may be). If it was me, I'd go to a doctor and a healer but not everyone sees it that way. Anyhow, there are probably more people out there who see doctors and who don't see healers .... 

Definitely something to think about, and in the end I will make the call on a case by case basis. It may come down to my inner guidance about that client. What is your view on the role of energy medicine? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below - thank you! 

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