Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Working with the Immune System

A couple months ago I was reading a book called Quantum Healing, by Deepak Chopra. At one point he discusses our body's amazing ability to heal itself. With a little bit of time our body will heal broken bones, bruises, cuts, bites, scratches, etc. Our immune system also send out antibodies that are programed to Seek and Destroy specific cells, if they pose a threat. So these brilliant antibodies are programed to destroy infected cells and bacteria, without harming all of the other good cells out there - or even attacking the wrong "sick cell". Everything is intelligent, precise, controlled.

From there he goes on to ask, if the body can do something as miraculous as heal a broken bone, why does it struggle to overcome an illness like cancer? My response is that for most bodies, cancer is new and unexpected! It takes a while for our body to recognize the signs and feedback to the sensor cells that defend against infection and malfunctioning cell reproduction.

As we speak I am reading up on the immune system, specifically how our cells learn to  Seek and Destroy a "baddie".  To make a long story short each have millions of cells. Every cell is programed to perform a specific task, some of them act on their own while others work together.  For example, we may have thousands of cells, that in turn make up muscle tissue in our lungs to help us breathe.  The cell's I'm interested in however, are the Lymphocytes (hereafter called Lone Rangers)  that our body will program to Seek and Destroy a specific antigen (hereafter called a Rebel Cell). 

This could be a chicken pox cell that needs to be eradicated, a cancer cell or some bacteria. However, our Lone Rangers are sitting around waiting to be given an assignment, and the body has to program them to perform a specific task - kind of like the Terminator in the 1st Movie.  If the disease in question is brand new - as is often the case - the Lone Rangers aren't made aware of the pending threat until a generic antibody finds it, fails to eradicate it, and brings a piece back to Base Camp. At this point the Rebel Cell is identified, and a contingent of Lone Rangers are programmed to Seek and Destroy that specific cell, and no other.  I'm not sure what determines the success of the Lone Rangers, but my intuition tells me we have a few factors going against us from the outset:

Practice Makes Perfect: If we've run into this Rebel Cell before we know how to kill it, and the body will be much quicker to defend itself. There are special "Memory Cells" on the lookout so that the body can react quickly if a particular Rebel Cell makes a come back. I imagine this is why we get vaccines, put a small dose in your body to get practice before we're exposed to the real thing.  If we run into an aggressive disease like cancer, and it's completely new our immune system has a steep earning curve to get past.

Time Delay: It takes a while for this process to run, if the Rebel Cell is aggressive it will multiply over and over again before the Lone Rangers are sent out to kill it. And there's that learning curve, if it's a particularly tough Rebel - say for example a cancer cell - it could be quite a battle! I'm also wondering how the body knows how many Rebel Cells are out there, and if it could be understaffed?

What's causing it?  I've always had the conviction that cancer is related to a very deep unprocessed emotion, it can be anger, depression, rage, jealousy, envy, etc. This belief of mine might be due to the fact that I'm from Latin America, and I've grown up hearing comments about how so-and-so died of cancer, and their relatives talking about the emotional aspects that led to the disease's onset. My belief is that the cancer will not fade away until that root cause - the negative emotion - is cleared.

So what do we do with all this?

I'm guessing we have things like chemotherapy and radiation because  medicine  has to make up for these setbacks, giving our body a  chance to fight off the spread of the dis-ease. These treatments make up for the Immune System's lack of experience and/or the time lag. The drawback with some of these approaches, is that man made drugs aren't programmed to Seek and Destroy a specific  Rebel Cell. They attack every cell in the body, lowering the body's defenses and leaving it weak, tired and nauseaus - this observation was also raised by Chopra in Quantum Healing.  It's just a fact of life. 

Right now you're probably asking yourself why I am writing about this on a Psychic Development and Energy Healing Blog? I had a flash of inspiration when I was reading all of this fun stuff on T-Lymphocytes, Thymus Glands and our personal Emergency Response System! Wouldn't it be awesome if we could use Medical Intuition  to tell our Immune System how it needs to respond.  For example, we could tell the Immune System what to expect from the threat, where it's located, if it's spreading, what areas of the body need to stay "clean" to prevent spreading of the disease, etc. One of the precepts of Medical Intuition is that our body talk to us if we learn to listen, but we can also give it healing and information on any level. 

For now I only have an idea that is starting to hatch in my brain, I like this idea of communicating with the body, and with the Immune System in particular to give it healing and guidance. I'm still not sure where that guidance comes from, can we download it with the universal energy? Do we ask upwards? Or can we collaborate with the medical community to tell our antibodies how to respond? 

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Reiki hugs, Regina