Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Calling in the Angels

A couple weeks ago I called on Archangel Raphael in one of my healings, my intuition said to use the techniques from my angel healing class. The client had complained of pain in her lower back and it made sense to bring Raphael in as he removes pain and helps with healing overall. Before we started I let her know that we had learned a new technique in class and that the energy might be slightly different from what she'd experienced in the first sessions. I didn't tell her that I was calling on angels to boost the healing as I am always unsure how much to share and where the credibility line breaks.

While I was tuning in I asked for permission to heal her and asked Raphael to come in. Then I stepped into her aura and put my hands on her shoulders, trying to sense Raphael's presence but no such luck . After a few minutes I figured it wasn't going to happen this time and moved on to clear her crown chakra.  I put my hands over hear crown and had a flashback to one of our meditations, where we visualized out crown opening up and sending rays of light upwards. This light from our crown  radiates upward to connect with  divine light, establishing our connection to Spirit/God/Source. The image prompted me to raise my hands and leave more space between my hands and her head, with ample room for a fully developed crown chakra in between.

At this point we had a visitor! I distinctly felt Archangel Uriel's energy, very light and shimmery with a hint of blue. I also recognized his low key approach, and though I physically stayed in healing mode my mind stepped back and just watched. I could see her crown really open up with Uriel's touch, and the light extended upwards connecting her to Spirit. I was there for a few minutes just watching it, before I got the intuitive push towards the brow chakra. At first I had my hands on either side of her head, but after few seconds I moved my left hand to the crown and left the right on the brow, about 10 inches off the forehead. The energy from my right hand went through to the back side of the brow chakra, but there was also a connection between the brow and the crown.

After the brow was done I moved on to the throat and also sensed Gabrielle's energy, but to a lesser extent. I spell Gabriel as the female version because that's the angel that I sensed. She worked on her throat and then prompted me to strengthen the connection between throat and heart. This was the last of my angelic influences, and when I was done with the chakras I went on to balance all 7 chakras by placing both of my hands behind the heart and them moving them out so that my left hand ended up over the crown, and the right hand under the base. This is always my fave part of the healing, I will see energy flowing up and down the center through each of the chakras and they will usually be lit up. In this case I felt we needed it to make sure the seven were well connected, and that I wasn't going to dial up just the crown-brow and throat-heart connection. The solar plexus shouldn't be left behind! Nor should the three earthy chakras.

The big learning was that I can't expect to know who or what the client really needs, and that rather than call on a specific being I should ask that anyone that needs to show up, show up. Its always a pleasure when Michael makes a surprise appearance, kind of like catching a glimpse of a rock star. It was really cool that Uriel and Gabriel showed up and I am glad that I have gotten to the point where I can recognize them and not freak out by a foreign energy. My only request upwards is that one of the archangels show up if a new acquaintance comes in, to make sure I feel at ease. One of my teachers had a shock the 1st time Melchizedek popped in for a spirit release session. Melchi is dark in color and has a very low, slow energy. Low enough that he can absorb and drag away tough spirits. He's the 1st example that comes to mind when I hear the adage that "Not everything that shines is good, not everything dark is bad." In that instance Melchi was brought in by Archangel Michael to make sure he didn't scare away the healers. I am to get the same reference check for 1st time encounters with light beings. 

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