Monday, October 3, 2011

An Impromptu Altar

A couple weeks ago I tried a different meditation. I have a little dresser table that i have been wanting to use as an altar, the main purpose is to consecrate a space to my own Spirit and to make my meditations prayers rather than psychic experiences. After all this is about spirituality and healing, not clairvoyance and telepathy for their own sake. So what i did was clear out the clutter on the table and lay my purple tarot cloth out. But then I noticed the energy on my couch was heavy, after all I have spent the past three days working from home on that couch. My 1st idea was to cleanse the room with my new quartz pendulum. I pulled it out of its  purple pouch and walked around the room using my wrist to flick it in circles and push the energy away.

The thing with energy is that you will find it where you least expect it! There was some excess energy on the couch but where I noticed the most furious spinning was near the front door and the loo (toilet, for those of you that might not speak "British").  This part of my flat is closest to the building’s staircase, I think at one point it was just one big house and then they divided it into flats. 

The walls are paper thin so when people go by, it sounds like someone is inside my apartment. My neighbors seem very friendly on the surface. I haven’t had any trouble, but what I have noticed is the smell of cigarettes coming from nearby. There have been one or two occasions when I actually thought there was a fire! It didn't surprise me that the pendulum went crazy when I approached that area, her image was the 1st thing that came to mind. 

By then I regretted not buying sage or a spray cleanser at the corner mystical shop in. It didn't feel like someone's energy was hanging in my bedroom anymore, but the energy was still heavy. The image of a priest sprinkling Holy Water over his congregation came to mind. My grandmother has a little flask next to her front door and she always sprinkles us with Holy Water before we leave her home. Of course, she doesn't bless it herself. The priest does. My next thought was to bless my own water and cleanse my little London flat. The past life priestess in me thought - Why Not??? I ran to the kitchen to get a glass of water - and now that I think of it the energy in my kitchen is always very clean and airy! Maybe its because the window is white, it has a huge window and there are no linens, wood or materials for the energy to penetrate. My landlord left the cutest porcelain cups in the kitchen, they have peached painted on the sides.   I filled one with water and placed it on the night stand. The purple cloth looked really empty with just the tea cup, so I added a rose quartz and finally all of my chakra crystals. I grounded, connected and used my quartz wand to cast a protective circle around me. Don't know what came over me! We use white light in my classes, sometimes I will visualize a beam of light that cuts through the room like the transporter from the Star Trek series. 

I went on to visualize light falling on my little altar, cleansing and purifying the stones and the water. In my mind I kept repeating the words ground me and fill me with light. After a few minutes I dipped my hands in the water and sprinkled it over the altar, then around the bedroom and in he direction of he corridor where my neighbors energy had collected. It was a really cute and peaceful experience and I was left totally relaxed. I usually try to make contact with my guides or angels, and in this case I used my wand to draw a looking glass above the altar, giving them a space to speak from. It was a really nice experience and I saw one of my female guides, she came to me with a message that I've had on more than one occasion. The energy was very light, floral and friendly. I'm a sucker for protection so I make sure my gatekeeper and the four archangels are always present before any other light being is allowed to make contact with me. Otherwise you can get nasty surprises.

There was one unpleasant surprise when I was done clearing the energy with my pendulum. I noticed something moving in my direction, a big hairy spider!!! Ick!!! I got up, put my rain boots on and squished it. What do you think that meant? I took it to mean my cleansing had shaken out the cobwebs. That night I had an insect infested dream that was also freaky and somehow it left me all shaken up. In the dream I had a ringworm under my eye that i was trying to ignore, but my sister kept pointing it out. And then my mouth was also somehow infested. Disgusting. The bugs I am hoping were just a figment of my imagination. The meaning didn't come to me until I was writing up this post, but I think it had something to do with our dirty laundry coming out of the woodwork when we least expect it. It's better to be open and honest and face our fears before they take over.  This isn't the end you were expecting but that was how my meditation went (with a few details that I want to keep to myself).

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