Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Am I really tired of healing?

Today I told my supervisor that I'm getting bored of these healings! Bored or tired, not entirely sure but the realization surprised me. What the hell is going on? We see so many fun things in class, I should be practicing lots of new psychic-intuitive tricks during my sessions. Instead I found myself bored to be following the same crown-brow-throat-heart-solar plexus-sacral-root healing sessions. And that's what we need to graduate, but for some reason it was just killing me with boredom. 

As far as the formulaic healings, when we're accredited we start working intuitively so I won't have to follow my ABC's during a session. Though I will probably scan the chakras when I tune in at the shoulders to make sure I heal all the relevant bits and pieces. I am looking forward to that freedom! 

My teacher suggested that I pay attention to the clients that provoked that bored feeling, if I want to call it boredom. And that I ask if it's my boredom, or if it's theirs. On other occasions I've felt other people's sadness, their fear and their regret (why don't I sense their happy emotions?) This boredom could be something that I am sensing in them during the healing, will have to pay attention. It could also be my own baggage that I have to deal with.

Today I had a great healing.  I tried some medical intuition, cleared energy from the aura and then I focused on a few organs and sent them healing.  Wasn't the least bit bored, it was pretty cool even though my clairvoyance isn't as active. All in all I really liked it, so I will pay attention to my bored little feelings if they come back.  Will keep you posted on this, all in all I'm happy to be back in form. Wasn't sure what I would do with energy healing if I got tired of it half way through the course   =) 

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