Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Take on Telepathy

We've all had moments when we know what someone else is thinking. The stereotypical example is the phone rings, and you already know who is on the other end. Or something funny happens on the street, and you anticipate your boyfriend's comment before he makes it. These things happen when we are very close to someone, we know them inside out and are also on the same wavelength. But are we really hearing their thoughts? I don't think so. 

So today I asked me guides what we can do, if anything, to improve our psychic communication. Imagine how cool it would be to tell someone to pass you the salt without actually having to open your mouth, point, or look in the direction of the salt shaker. If I can hear my spirit guides and they can hear me, there has to be a way for other humans to hear me as well. This got me thinking - how do I communicate with my guides? Sometimes I write to them, sometimes I will run through a list of questions through my mind, and if I'm alone I might ask out loud - but I don't recommend this one. 

The key thing, is that when I sit down to have a conversation with my guides I always open up, and I project me thoughts and feelings out in their direction. Then I wait for them to answer. At first I got images, a sort of collage that I would interpret to get the answer. This type of message comes through the brow chakra, which is traditionally associated with telepathy and mental communication. Then at one point the messages started coming as sound, and sound is not linked to the brow chakra. 

We hear and speak through our throat chakras, this is the energy center that governs our inner ear as well as our vocal chords and throat. These organs are linked, and I supposed that is why you will typically find doctors that specialize in both. On an energetic level our throat chakra has to open up before we start hearing sounds in our meditations, it can be music, words, or a full blown conversation. In my experience the voice comes from inside me, and that is because we only hear it after it is received and interpreted by our throat chakra. Is this telepathy or is it something else?

So back to my question, how can we work on our psychic speech and hearing?

Meditation: Focus on your throat chakra and let it play music for you, it can be anything you like but get your mind used to the idea that the sound is actually being heard in your throat. This will increase the vibration of your throat chakra, and it will help it open up slowly. 

Project: The next step is to project your voice from your throat chakra, without opening your mouth or using your vocal chords. I'm not sure how to explain this, the important thing is keep your energetic awareness on your throat chakra while you read along. Use your inner voice and listen to it.

It takes practice, but you can use this technique to talk to your angels and guides. If you have a friend or loved one who is into this type of thing as well it would be fun to test it out and see what happens. Overall, this will be a less intrusive form of communication. If someone used a chord to project their thoughts into my head I would be very pissed off.  Hearing their voice through my throat chakra is a lot closer to what we already do, and would not be such a huge adjustment.

What do you think of this one?

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Reiki hugs, Regina