Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Healing with a Pendulum

A couple weeks ago I heard one of our teachers talking about pendulums. She mentioned that they can be used to find and cut chords, and that the pendulum can also balance the chakras. The past month I have been doing a lot of self healing, and one day the pendulum conversation flashed through my mind. I have a beautiful chakra pendulum, and thought, why not use this on myself? The point is carnelian, which fits well with my sacral chakra that needed healing, and the silver chain has rainbow stones to resonate with each of the 7 chakras.

Start by Minding the GAPP: 

First I Ground by visualising roots, they go out the bottoms of my feet to the center of the earth. Next I Attune by connecting to the highest source of light. I visualize a beam of light that comes down from heaven, runs through me and into the earth. This beam of light connects me to the Source, God, Spirit, etc. Next, I ask for Permission to carry out the healing. The last step is to ask for Protection, I will do this by visualizing a bigger beam of white light around me, it cuts through from floor to ceiling and extends outwards in both directions - to the center of the earth and up to the Source. Sometimes I see a ring of fire, but white light is a safe and effective bet.

When people ask me how I know what I'm connecting to, this is how I know. If I tried to use any of my psychic abilities without Mind the GAPP I might connect to something or someone that isn't really looking out for me.  It would be about as unsafe as letting a stranger hitch ride at night ...

Now Back to the Pendulum Healing!

I started out by defining a healing vocabulary for the pendulum. A balanced chakra would have a clockwise swing over it, an unbalanced chakra has a counter clockwise swing. The pendulum would continue to swing in a counter clockwise direction as long as the healing energy was being channeled, and it would change when it was done. I lay down on my yoga mat and started at the crown. Using a pendulum on yourself can be tricky, especially on the crown and brow as your perspective is inverted. It took me a while to figure out which direction it was spinning. My upper chakras were clear enough so the crown, brow, throat and heart took just a little bit of effort. It was really pretty too,  the crystals glitter in the light when they're spinning and it's beautiful to watch.

The big surprises came when I got to my sacral chakra - most of my aches and pains are in the part of my body that is governed by the sacral. I used to get PMS, lower back pain and bloating when I am stressed out, especially at that time of the month. The past couple years I have been a frequent flier in the Midol camp, so it was no surprise that the pendulum made huge circles over this chakra. 

The bigger the swing, the stronger the healing. The root [base] chakra did the same thing, coincidentally one of my teachers told me that I had to work on my root. If you have any health issues, you should always focus on establishing the flow between the chakra that governs the affected organ and the root chakra.  The root links to the symptoms that manifest on a physical level, it's responsible for our etheric template. So if you need to work on your liver, one of the things you can do is to establish the flow between your root chakra and your solar plexus.  The good news is I made it through the month without taking Midol as much, only on the first day!

This nice success story has gotten me a new practice client for the Fall Term assignments!

So there is one more thing that I forgot to mention. The pendulum will also correct the flow of energy between the chakras.  At one point it would switch between a counter clockwise spin, and a vertical spin that went up and down my spinal colum. When it did this, I could feel energy swinging out in both directions - say from the sacral to the solar plexus, and then again from the sacral to the root. It was really fun to watch, because looking at what the pendulum does will give you an idea of the energy shifts in the body.  The healee will feel the tingles, and the healer can see it happen. I've practiced with the pendulum a couple times now, when it does something new I always ask what it means. The answer comes through clair-knowing or even clairaudience. This gives an understanding of what is going on, and that constant flow of information is useful. 

Watching the pendulum also helps me understand my role as a channel, there is definately a higher power that is sending the energy my way. There is something about watching it swing, without any input or direction from me. It makes me feel like a fly on the wall,  someone else is healing. Don't get me wrong, all the while I am very much in the GAPP, still attuned, but my attitude is that of a student asking questions. It's an opportunity to learn. Most healing sessions come with little surprises that show me new techniques or meanings. The pendulum is a fun one to try out. It has also taught me that I need to take more time with each of the individual chakras.  If I'm doing the healing by myself,  I usually zip through them pretty quickly. When I am waiting for the pendulum to change directions I get bored and tired and want to move on, but it's really about the client and how much healing they need. The sessions haven't lasted more than 30 minutes, which is pretty decent but if I ever do this professionally I need to be able to heal for an hour. Or an hour minus 10 minutes for the basic chat.
Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 

Please Note: Energy Healing is complementary to medical care, not alternative. I personally have a history of Deep Vein Thrombosis and my doctors advise against conventional treatments for PMS and hormonal imbalances, to avoid a recurrence. Please consult a doctor if you have symptoms.