Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Channeling Archangel Michael and Metatron

We've been giving angel readings in class and a couple weeks ago it was our turn to work with Metatron. I have already forgotten if he's an Archangel, I just know he used to be human. The class was pretty cool because he let any angel come through during the readings, and I ended up channeling Michael instead. I have been calling on Michael for months but I had never gotten a good look at him. As soon as the tutor told us to identify the angel I saw a flash of royal blue, closely followed by a sword. It looked like a simple coat of arms. Michael doesn't need much to impress. 

I missed the first few weeks of the term so I wasn't there for the guardian angel meditations, or for Michael's week either. It's been interesting because I am very used to working with him so it was probably my time to get to know the other ones. Today I was pleasantly surprised when he made an appearance, but the dynamic felt very different because he wasn't there for me. The reading was for my classmate, and I got a steady stream of images, thoughts and feelings. It was pretty intense (so is Michael!) because as soon as I sat down to tune in the information hit me and I just sort of sat there and waited for 5 minutes until she was ready to hear it.  

All along I could get a sense of Metatron taking notes in the corner, he is one of the few angels that is supposed to have had a human existence at one point in time. I saw him like a skinny Jewish guy in modern clothing, standing against the corner scribbling in a notebook. Not that he's a skinny Jewish guy but it was his way of telling me that he was human, at one point in time. And that he's a meticulous nerd, although that has nothing to do with Judaism or any religion for that matter. LOL. 

So what does Metatron do? There was more to it but these are the basics:

- He is God's scribe, he writes down everything we do in minute detail
- He is in charge of the Akashic Records
- He clears chakras and auras, and will connect your chakras from crown to base. 
- He is good with kids, especially indigo, crystal and rainbow children
- Good at organizing, time keeping, managing and stretching time even!
- Healing, not sure I remember what kind though ... 

So that was the Metatron class, he took a back seat and let others talk while he took notes on what went down. I can only imagine what our feedback session will be like in the afterlife, everything we do is recorded. So remember that next time you wimp out of facing a new challenge. Or if you are not as friendly as you could be, LOL

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Reiki hugs, Regina