Sunday, July 17, 2011

Medical Intuition Workshop

A few weeks ago I went to a workshop on Medical Intuition, wasn't too sure what it was but I knew that Caroline Myss practices it. We started out with a normal meditation. After a bit of theory and discussion on various ailments, the teacher had us do aura scans on our classmates. We were put in pairs,  and she had us look at our partner's grounding, and then scan each of their chakras starting at the base and working our way up towards the crown. 

At one point we went with our eyes closed, at others we went with our eyes open. I find it easier to work with my eyes open because it keeps my attention focused, otherwise it wanders. I also keep my eyes open during readings, meditations and healings.  

1st Stop: Aura and Chakra Scans 

I had trouble tuning into my classmate's energy at first because we went through grounding and the first few chakras with our eyes closed, but still I got a good view of my partner's personality.  

She was a warm, friendly woman in her forties with very strong grounding, grounded, practical and very loving in her relationships. I also got the impression that she had her feet on the ground and her eyes open, so she could see her situation very clearly. 

As I moved on up, I got one very direct message from Spirit: She could do with being a little more selfish. When we talked about this later, I went on to tell her that the people around her would welcome the chance to look after her if she'd let them, and they would not be put off or annoyed if she looked after herself as well. It was a very simple direct message, and the whole thing resonated with her which was pretty cool.

She then went on to tell me about my own aura, I have good grounding from my feet but my base was not grounding. She told me that she could tell I was trying to ground from the base, and that I would get there eventually. That was great news! I have only been able to ground from my Root Chakra once or twice, I usually visualise roots going down from my feet - or I'll float off to la-la-land. 

She also told me that my solar plexus and my heart needed to be more in touch with each other, that the energy flow should be more of a two way street in instead of each of them doing their own thing. This is the 2nd time I have had this message about improving the communication between my ego (Solar Plexus) and my Heart. The last thing she told me was that my solar plexus center was perfect calm, and that I should tap into this and rely on it more often. Nice message over all!

2nd Stop: The Body's Personality 

After this bit, we went on to learn about a few key organs and the endocrine system. To go back to the beginning, Medical Intuition involves scanning a person's aura, chakras and their physical body to identify anything that might be out of place. 

This could be a flu virus making it's way through the aura towards the body, it can be a tumor or a growth, it can also be checking in with the Liver to find out if the person's diet is affecting their body in some way. 

The liver processes everything we absorb, through the environment, the skin, food, drink etc. It has a perfect record of everything we feed our body, and if you look closely at the liver it will give you a lot of secrets. This when class started getting really fun! 

3rd Stop:  Listen To Body (Literally) 

We started the healing same as always and then went straight to the liver, looking to get a read of its energy, shape and color. Initially we were working with our hands in the aura, and after a few minutes we put our hand on the ribcage. 

The tutor ran through a list of questions for the liver; and we waited with our left hand over the liver, as the left hand makes it easier for us to receive messages in the form of words, pictures, scents, etc. 

This is what I perceived (new classmate): 

- How does the liver look? Reddish-brown
- What is it's energy like? A big strong Ox! This liver liked pulling lots of weight
- What is their diet like?  I got lots of veggies, etc
- What does she eat too much of? Salt
- What would you like more of?  A juicy steak!!!

It went on to show me other images, and then after a little while I just sent the liver some healing energy. My classmate turned out to be vegetarian, and when I asked her she said that she hadn't had meat in 15-20 years. 

It was funny because I felt very sorry for the liver that wasn't getting red meat or wine - did I mention that it also wanted wine? I like rooting for the underdog, and I kept trying to talk my classmate into trying animal meat. I identified with her liver; though it is healthy so she can probably eat what she likes. 

Her liver's energy was a little bit childish; similar to a kid pouting or throwing a tantrum. It was just the liver that wanted red meat, the other organs didn't. That was a surprise! Each organ has a personality.

Last Stop: The Endocrine System

After lunch we moved on to the Endocrine system, starting with the pituitary. This gland responds well to praise, so we did a little bit of cheer-leading to get it in a happy, appreciative mood. This new classmate had a bright blue pituitary gland; I could see it clairvoyantly (I know how weird that must sound...) 

The pituitary directed me to her pancreas, which was cool because a song started playing in my head, a soft rock song that I listen to when I am in a chilled out and relaxed mood. The song massaged the pancreas, helping it let go of things that it didn't need and by the end of the healing session, her pancreas felt energized and ready to go. 

After this I went back to the pituitary gland, and noticed that it's color had changed to a very bright purple. It emanated a steady light, and I could see and feel the color all the way out to my hands. 

At this point the teacher was guiding us to tell the pituitary that it was doing a fantastic job, and I heard myself say the words in Portuguese! I understand Portuguese but I don't speak it. Where did that come from?  Overall the whole session left me with a very warm, feeling. And also feeling like I wanted to fly to a beach in Brazil and throw myself in a hammock.  

What A Day!!!  

So this was my 1st attempt at Medical Intuition. I slipped into psychic reading mode straight away, which was helpful. The chakra scanning was very enjoyable, and I was pleasantly suprised by the organs. My knowledge of the body and how it works is next to none, so I have a long way to go before I can actually scan someone and tell them what I see (as if I was an MRI). 

Our teacher gave us a few examples of how she'd been able to scan people and tell them they had specific growths and lumps, and that they turned up in MRI's just like she described them. You need to have a very good understanding of the physical body, the muscles, the organs, etc, to be able to do that. Otherwise you'd see lots of blobs and not know what they are or if it is normal. 

Next semester I have to register for an Anatomy class as part of my healing accreditation so I guess I will learn the basics. The day after the workshop I walked into a book store to find an Anatomy book, thinking it would be cool to get a head start on that. 

Unfortunately, Anatomy books are very detailed and I was put off by the amount of things that I would have to plough through. So I left without buying anything, and will focus on being medically intuitive with the chakras, and the few big organs that I can find, i.e. the heart, lungs, liver, pancreas and possibly the digestive system. And I can always wikipedia some of these to get a better understanding of them!

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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