Monday, July 4, 2011

Can we ask what the future holds?

One of my readers asked a great question - How can some psychics tell us what the future holds, doesn't it depend on our own choices and action? How can they be so sure, if our fate isn't decided? 

As for myself, I've never been able to tap into the future directly so I wonder if it's possible. Then again, I've given a few tarot readings that turned out to be very accurate six months down the line. So there is something to divination. Before we get into matters of free will, destiny and fate, let's discuss  how a psychic acquires information to begin with. As far as I can tell, it happens in one of two ways.

Where does Intuition Come From?

a)  They will sense information through their energy body.  They might feel pain in their left knee if a client has had surgery. This is how clairsentients tune in, and clairaudience and clairvoyance work the same way. Read on for more details! 

b)  We can also get information from an angel, a spirit guide or from the client's Higher Self. The guides and angels have visibility that we don't have. They may be able to see things that time and space keep from us, I like to think that they are higher up so they can see farther into the horizon.

One of my teachers tells us that every layer of the aura allows us to tap into certain bits of information. We have to learn to activate each one as we move on in our psychic development. This is usually done through meditation, and we usually start with the aura layers that are closest the body. Most beginning psychics will be able to activate the first two. For example, the Etheric layer is 2-3 centimeters thick and sits on your skin. The etheric level is connected to the root chakra, which in turn influences our physical body. Clairsentients activate the etheric easily,  this is how they feel other people's pain.

Next, the emotional layer allows us to empathize with others on an emotional level, and to a certain extent feel their joy or pain in our body. If you’re sitting next to a friend that is sad, you might feel overwhelming sadness for no apparent reason. The best example I can think of is a little quirky, but if it resonates this means you are definitely psychic on an emotional level. Think a figure skater cutting her way across the rink at the Olympics. She is skating round the bend, jumps into a beautiful pirouette and makes three sharp turns mid-air. Her body descends gracefully and just as her skate hits the ice, her knee slips and she crashes to the floor with a loud skid. She won't stop smiling, but the public can still feel the emotional pain from the fall. This is a great example of the sacral chakra at work.

Physical clairsentience and emotional empathy are great examples of how we process information on an energetic level. We are able to sense and interpret information that is true in the present moment. In class we were told that most psychics will work at levels 3, 4 and 5. If I had to take a stab at what this means, I imagine it has something to do solar plexus (warning signs), heart (intuition connection to Higher Self), and finally throat chakra (clairaudience). The brow chakra will let us receive messages clairvoyantly. To see the future clearly, we have to activate our 7th aura layer, which corresponds to the crown chakra. This relates to the divine plan, and seeing a life unfold before your eyes, if not literally then symbolically. 

As always, the clarity of the message depends on how clear and grounded the psychic is. An ungrounded psychic might give you very accurate but useless information. For example, if I am told that a red car will crash in Tokyo today, this is 100% useless even if it is accurate. Psychic readings should give us  practical and timely info. With this in mind, let's ask: 

Why would Spirit pass on information about the future?

A HEAD'S UP:  We may be headed down a rough patch, and they want to warn us so that we’ll be prepared. On more than one occasion, I have felt the urge to pick up an umbrella on my way out, only to realize 4 hours later that the sunny day turned into a thunder storm. This is a very concrete hint at what the near future will hold, the only goal is to make sure I don’t get wet. Other than that, I’m not expected to do anything about the rain. And whether or not it rains has nothing to do with me, my decisions, or my life. It is what it is. 

OUR LIFE PATH  REQUIRES A CHANGE OF DIRECTION: Our future does depend on our decisions, and our guides and angels will be able to tell us where those decisions take us. How many of you read a “Choose your Own Adventure” book as a kid? If you’re not familiar with the concept, this type of book became popular in the ninety’s with children and preteens. At any given point, a character would be faced with a dilemma and the reader could choose what he did next. If “John” breaks up with his girlfriend and moves to Paris, the reader is told to turn to page 75. If John marries the girlfriend the reader turns to page 27. 

The book can be read several times, each with a different outcome. After a few rounds the reader become savvy, and can tell you how to get to a desired ending. Our Guides and Angels know where our decisions will take us, and they will sometimes throw us a bone to make the trip easier or shorter. It’s up to us to be receptive to their guidance, so that we can shift the future to our advantage.

YOU MAY BE ASTRAL TRAVELING. One of the things I read is that when we are sleeping we may astral travel to dimensions that are just a few time zones ahead. In that dream you might see that a wrong turn on the highway will lead to a car crash. If you remember the dream, you might avoid the car crash by staying on the correct road. It is also possible to see a tragedy like 9/11 happen; in these cases there is nothing you can do to prevent it. 

One of the reasons that psychics will get accurate but useless information is lack of grounding, and wobbly intent. Whenever we start a psychic reading we should always ask Spirit to send a clear, practical message. Otherwise we bring a lot of stress into people’s lives, for no reason at alll. This is true for any reading, not just one that tells the future.

SYMBOLIC ROAD MAPS:  This is the part of my post that comes directly from channeling, the message I'm getting is that we all have a set of life lessons to face. And these will come no matter what we do, we can't get away from them. If your life path involved learning to deal with pushy people, you will run into lots of pushy people not matter where you go. And they will keep popping up until you learn to deal with them. You might even have a pre-birth contract with a specific person, specifying that if you haven't learned this lesson by the time you are 35 years old, they will come into your life and they will make your life a living hell until you learn to push back and stand your ground. 

A psychic that works on the seventh and eighth levels will be able to tune into these things on a symbolic level, and they will be able to tell you with great clarity what lessons are coming your way. I had one of these readings when I was thinking of quitting a job a few years ago, and the psychic told me that there was a specific person that I had to sort out before I moved on. Otherwise there would be a bigger pain-in-the-arse waiting at the next company. It ended up working out pretty well ...

HOW DO WE DEFINE FREE WILL? Most of us think Free Will only applies to decisions we make in our day to day life, i.e. I am going to become a lawyer. I will or won't marry my current boyfriend. I will quit my job and move to Hawaii, etc. These are the decisions that we are conscious of, but we also made a lot of decisions before we came into this world. If you believe in reincarnation this will be easier to follow, I'd drawing on Michael Newton's case studies in his book Journey of Souls. This talks about how we all have a life plan before we incarnate, and we map out what we want to work on the, the challenges we want to face and some of they people we will bump into to in order to learn those lessons. 

If you're not living up to this plan, you might find yourself in tough situations that will force a change of direction. In these cases it might look like this situation has been forced on us, but in reality we chose it in our life-between-lives so it still falls into the Free Will bucket. If we're lucky a talented psychic might be able to spot these trends, and it really helps to shed light on some of the difficulties we might be facing because of our sacred contracts. Caroline Myss has a great book on the subject if you're interested.

So that's it for today, let me know what you think! 

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