Sunday, May 1, 2011

Using Spells to Heal Yourself

Today I went out and bought The Book of English Magick, as far as I can tell its more of a history than a How-To-Book and it suits my mood. I was drawn to it after my experience with spells & healing. Yesterday I was feeling ill, and when I was meditating and healing myself I realised that there was a virus in my body that was giving me fever chills in my muscles, a bad sore throat and also conjunctivitis in my eyes. I'm not a doctor so from a medical perspective I don't know if they are linked, but on an energetic level it was one and the same. 

My mind went back to my last healing class, our teachers explained to us that most illnesses filter through our aura until they reach our physical body, and then they need to travel back out again. The past few days I'd been feeling heavy energy and buzzing around my head, and in my gut I could tell that it was directed towards my eyes. I wasn't suprised when I woke up on the morning of the Royal Wedding with an inflamed red eye, and I couldn't open it. I also noticed that even though my eyes were itchy and in pain, as was my throat, my aura felt clear for the first time in a week. The bug had filtered through to my body and I had to get it back out again. 

So I was lying down on my bed, listening to the fever and the chills and trying to understand where it started and where it ended. I had the intention of listening to it and then kicking it out, but I couldn't figure out how to do that. Would I need to push the virus out? Using what? I can't use my hands to reach inside my body, I know there have been lots of psychic healers out there who claim to perform psychic surgeries but so far I haven't seen proof that it's true. My intuition told me that my etheric body, the very thin layer of our energy body that lines our skin should manifest the illness and that was where I could work with my healing hands.  

The problem was that my etheric body felt light as a feather, and I still felt the chills and the fever inside. At that point my inner voice suprised me by screaming "EXPELLIARMUS" which is really just a fancy Harry Potter way of shouting "GET OUT!". And I took that as a cue to expell the virus with my intent, so I started chiming in and repeating Expelliarmus. It felt really weird, like a gooey electricity was oozing through my skin and settling in the etheric body. I could feel it very strongly over my right eye, all over my face, and on my left hip for some reason. In my mind I kept saying Expelliarmus over and over again to keep the gooey-virus outside of my my physical body, while it continued to ooze out. 

Finally I used my hands to brush the oozing-electic-goo of my face and out over my head. I used my intent to make it go out into a cosmic dumpster where it would be burned and cleansed. Then I proceeded to brush it off my arms, my torso and my legs and dumped it in a little bin that I imagined next to my bed. All the while with my eyes closed. And I just kept scooping and scooping till my energy body felt cool and fresh again, then I fell asleep. My eyes were still red because conjunctivities doesn't disappear so quickly, but when I woke up this morning my throat was clear, and my eye is now pink. It's also NOT swollen, which was a great advance considering that only yesterday I went to the ER lol. 

Thinking back on the experience, it was the combination of the knowledge about how the energy body works, the intent to expell the virus, and the practice with hands on healing that allowed me to to this.  The experience was amazing, and even though the Harry Potter phrase is a bit of a goof, my subconscious and my body understood the language and it did expell the virus. I now have new found respect for spell casting lol, I guess its a great way to personify your intent. That's why I went and bought the book on english magic, there's no point reinventig the wheel when so many people have gone before us. Will keep you updated, the book looks really cool and I hope to apply some of the ideas soon!

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Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. Geena,

    I completely agree with you. Your phrase: "I guess its a great way to personify your intent" explains exactly what I feel about spell casting. I have a couple of spell books, very little and cute, and it felt kind of weird to buy it, but I thought that performing a ritual would be a great way to reinforce my intention of doing something.
    I think that what happened to you was great, and allows you to know that you're on a correct path. I'm happy for you :D

  2. Awh, energy work and intention, intention, intention :).

    As I used to say - the student always wave with his hands, recite spells and lights candles... A true master just sits on his ass...

    That "sitting" is all about working with your mind.

  3. Hello Anonymous!

    Thanks for making the comment, I appreciate the jovial nature with which you mock the master that sits on his ass and let's his mind do the work. Point taken on me being a student, I definitely have a lot to learn (and the lessons are a lot of fun, even more so when I go with the flow and let my Expelliarmus out!)

    I’ve been reflecting on this idea that a true master will let his mind do the work, and based on my experience channeling healing energy so far, I disagree. I attribute the healing power to the Source, Spirit, or Light that we learn to channel as healers. When I start any session I have to mind the GAPP:

    - GROUND by throwing down roots so that I can pull up earth energy.
    - ATTUNE to the highest source of light/spirit/chi/source energy, and use my intent to bring it down my crown chakra, through my heart and out my palms (a nice little tingling sensation in my palms tells me I’m ready.
    - PERMISSION has to be gotten from the Source to continue.
    - PROTECTING both the client and myself is also important.

    From this point on my role is merely that of a channel, and rather than use my mind to guide the healing I center myself in my heart, and then let the feelings and impressions guide my hand movements, chakra clearings, etc. The case I mentioned in my post is different because I was healing myself, and it’s hard to stay focused when you’re the one in pain, but in essence the process should be the same. I attribute the healing to the source energy, not to my mind or even my intention (my intention only directs it). There’s nothing wrong with hand movements, candles or reciting prayers/spells/harry potter charms lol. They all work towards the same goal of expressing our intent, and keeping us in the right frame of mind so that we can continue to channel the energy. And its also more fun and enjoyable, and I always say that we do better in jobs that we enjoy =)

    Thanks for the light hearted comment. I replied in detail because I think its important to let people know how I experience and channel the healing energies, all jokes aside.

    Love & Light


    ps .... @ Claudia, thanks for the comment! I am enjoying this a lot. And I will keep up the little spells and witchy things on the side lol.

  4. That anonymous was me, actually - somehow blogger removed my name :P.

    Anyway, as psychics we are all channels for some higher power.