Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How Hard is it NOT to Think?

I'm going to start a little experiment the next couple of days, an even bigger one than when I tried to drop coffee and went two whole week without a single cup! For the next week I will do my very best not to think. Instead I will make an effort to feel, to act and to see clearly. But not to think.

Not sure if this is something that I should advertise widely, and when I'm at work I will probably have to think just enough to make sure that I analyze things before I act on them. But the goal is to break free of this cloud of thoughts that keeps me wrapped up all day, and that blocks me from actually doing things. It's OK to be analytical when you need to be, but what I am going to cut out is the little worrywart that always makes an appearance. It should also give me a chance to connect with my feelings, which is something that I don't do too well at all. And hopefully it will help me be grounded, centered and alert throughout the day. 

When I was a kid my elementary school teachers used to bring me back to class by calling out "Earth to Geena", and one of the things that I hope to curb is also this tendency to take mental trips in the middle of the day. The past few days I've made an effort to stay in my surroudings, if that makes sense, and the world just looks so vivid when you do this. The other perk is that time doesn't fly by when you're actually in the moment, so if this works for me I might experience my 30's fully, rather than look back in 10 years and say "My How Time Flies!"

I am on Page 2 of the The Power of Now will let you know in a few weeks if this experiment is on strategy. For now I am just winging it, but my intuition tells me this will be very good for me lol. 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. On facebook you said you would help with a quesion possibly! and though i have already asked you a few :) i reeaaallly want to know your thoughts on this particular situation.
    I think everyone has some way of picking up on others energies, and for me its a very big thing. I'm not all too good at now-a-days because i get meshed in with other ppls energy too easily.
    I'm sure its a problem. I have this old friend who doesnt know what i would talk about if i were to go on and on about energy. but he has very heavy energy. More so than most ppl i have ever come across. I think its what has drawn me to him. I have even asked others if they feel it too. and they do! even ppl who dont believe in what i do. I think it has affected me in a negative way because i use to always be around him. i was wondering if too much of someone elses energy a bad thing? what does heavy energy mean exactly anyway?

  2. Would it be simpler to start practicing Zen meditation? :) Instead of jumping to "I'm not thinking now", it gently shifts your mind so you simple become aware of here and now.

  3. hiii, I agree with you, the goal is to be more aware. I dramatized the "not thinking" for laughs, because I tend to get very wrapped up in my thoughts. =)

    Anyhooo, question for you. Are Zen meditations short term things? Or can we aspire to stay in the Zen ongoing?

    Thanks for the comment

  4. hi brittani,

    One of the cool things about being psychic is that you start to notice energies, and it helps you see the beauty in people. Everyone is different and during my healings one of the things I like most the colors and vibrations in the auras.

    That being said, it's great to see and experience life in that way, but what we shouldn't do is absorb other people's energy. If that's the case, you'll start feeling other people's problems, pains and emotions and that can be draining. I would recommend that you get practice grounding, protecting and cleansing your aura. Your aura should only hold your own energy, and when its boundaries are strong you won't have those problems anymore.

    You can also let go of just about anything, but it helps to keep a daily energy hygiene routine so that things won't build up. You can do this through meditation, there is an mp3 by Elliot Jay Tanzer on Amazon that is really good. Its for grounding and centering, I mention it on the page with my fave links.

    Take care!

    Love & Light

  5. Yea and when you start to feel the pain then it kills you.i feel it and i know at times i just stop breathing.Its very hurting to be a pshycic..

  6. Thank you geena! :)

  7. Geena, you really need switch to Wordpress or something, I can't keep up with all these comments.

    Zen isn't practice - Zen is life. With enough practice, you stay in this Zen state of mind forever. Period :).