Sunday, April 24, 2011

What Will 2012 Bring - A New Earth ?

Yesterday I spent the day with a group of Arab friends and the conversation turned to the unrest in the Middle East. They talked about Egypt - how unexpected the revolution has been as well as the way it came about. The region has seen a lot of violence and upheaval in a short period of time, while the rest of the world enjoys a relatively stable existence. 

It reminded me of a theory in a book called The Power of Kabbalah which consists of two realities co-existing over the next few generations. The idea is that on an individual basis we will either live in constant chaos or we will thrive in peace. Our reality will depend on our beliefs and perspectives, and if we've modified our actions to reflect a spirit of cooperation. 

One of the things I love about 2011 is that we're seeing this awakening on so many levels. The road can be as dramatic as the revolution in Egypt, but it can also be very subtle. The good news is that we are already seeing pockets of light emerge all over the world. Just yesterday I had a nice little revelation when I was watching a clip of Jim Carrey on Oprah. 

The segment touches on Eckhart Tolle's philosophy that the moment is all we have, but that most of us won't live it to the full because we're trapped by our thoughts. The example Jim Carrey uses is one that I fall into a lot, and it shed light on a major blind spot of mine. Who would have thought that this change in perspective would come about so easily? And now the only thing that can keep me from effecting change in my life is my ability to control my thoughts and to become aware of my mind.

When I think about 2012 I get the impression that change will come for everyone but the way it happens will be determined by the degree of freedom enjoyed by each society. Whenever I ask my classmates about the Mayan Prophecies the response is always the same. None of the psychics I've met will tell you the world is coming to an end. They speak of a new level of consciousness emerging, and in some cases an end to the status quo. 

Even astrology speaks of old power structures falling, and as I am writing this the image that comes to mind is the The Tower. This tarot card represents the beliefs and structures we hold that no longer serve us, and of the need to demolish them. We can only alter our own reality, so take a close look at your life and think about what you could do better, and how you own interactions with others could be more equitable.

I have always had a deep sense of fairness, it's even in my astrology chart to root for the underdog in any situation. As a society we need to start thinking about how the world is experienced by others, including animals and the ecosystem. Our position in the world can be likened to a scale, we can be on the upside or on the downside. It is in our best interest to make sure the leveling off isn't disruptive. 

The next few years are going to see a lot of change, and anything that doesn't create a win-win result for the earth's inhabitants may need to change. We can be proactive with this change or we can wait for it to happen to us. There is a lot more to this than rooting for the underdog and caring for others (though it's a good start!), my intuition tells me that we also need to bust our karmas and raise our vibration. This is the task I've set out for myself, and I hope it will keep me on that positive side of the dual-reality.

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Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. Change, everyone expects change - but as many, I also believe in this: one will experience only the change he's capable of accepting. Something is going to happen "near" 2012, and after 2012, but the degree of this change or even is unknown.

  2. Hi Nathan ... Not sure I agree with that, we are faced with challenges and changes that we need to learn, but it doesn't mean we want to accept them, or that we let ourselves accept them.

    Some diseases are the result of us not being able to accept, forgive, move on, etc. For one I feel that cancer has a lot to do with this inability to accept, move on, etc (at least based on the "case study" that I have most present).

    Anyhooo, just a thought


  3. Anyhooo, I guess we get what we should be able to accept or deal with, whether or not we choose to? =)