Thursday, April 21, 2011

Time for Change? Ask the Cards

Yesterday I picked up one of my Tarot books, and it flipped open to the Three of Swords which was a little bit jarring. The image is a big heart, with three swords piercing it. The card is supposed to be about grieving, and the pain that comes with a loss that we have to go through before moving on to the next phase of our lives. I flipped to two more pages, and the cards that appeared where the Ace of Pentacles, indicating a new creative idea that would result in some sort of stability.  The last card was the Hermit, which indicates a time for solitude, introspection and spiritual growth (big surprise!).

I was worried about the Three of Swords so this afternoon I sat down and properly shuffled the deck. The first to come up was the Knight of Swords, which touches on the need for disruptive change. The next card was the Ten of Cups; my deck shows a young family in a garden, with a big house behind them. It has to do with happiness and fulfillment in relationships, the kind that is earned through effort and hard work. Finally, the last card was The Devil, which indicates a need to shed the fears that imprison us. The images on this card are graphic, we see two subjects chained to a wall, and the devil sits above them, keeping them locked in their cell. If I skip around a bit, I'd take it to mean that I need to disrupt my life, get rid of whatever is holding me back, and work at the future that I want to have?

Overall, both of these speak of the need for change, and they indicate that it's time for me to move on. I also need to think about the fears that I need to shed. Just thinking out loud here, not sure what aspect of my life this refers to. I'm writing about this now, so that when these things start to happen I can come back to the reading and put it in perspective.

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