Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blackouts During Meditations?

Has anyone ever blacked out during a meditation? I had one of those yesterday, only I can't say whether I blacked out or if I just went into a very very chilled state somewhere in limbo. I've had a headache on and off for the past week, and I felt like I needed some extra healing. My instuition told me to sit down on my sofa, put a cushion behind my neck and just start grounding myself. 

The lights were on outside and my window was open so the room wasn't totally dark. I dropped the anchors from the bottom of my feet into the floor, I know use this meditation where I visualize a huge wheel unwinding as the big grey wires sink into the ground (gravity is the best grounding technique). My focus was on my legs, while the bottom of my feel could feel the wheel turning. I slowly let calves relax, then my thighs, my stomach and all the way up till I got to my neck. When my face and head started falling asleep I closed my eyes and suddenly zoomed out. I didn't feel like I was asleep, it was just pitch black and out of the blue my eyes flew open again 1 hour later. 

My headache is almost gone, and I feel a lot more relaxed now. Oh ... I missed one thing, when I was relaxing my psychic eye went over every inch of my brain and slowly put it to sleep. I could feel my spinal column falling asleep at the base of the neck, and my attention followed every last nook and cranny till my head was empty inside and out. I feel like I've had a brain transplant lol. 

Also made a small effort to talk to the headache and ask it what was wrong. This was my 1st attempt at medical intuition. And it told me I was spending too much time updating my facebook on my phone, so I'm going to have to lay off the fan page for a while. I didn't go on once today and my eyes and head feel fine. I also felt a pressure on my brow chakra, and got the message that the pressure point was meant to open it up. So I'm looking forward to more exciting clairvoyant readings  =)

Will get my eyes checked as well, just in case.

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Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. Just to clarify the terms - when you loose consciousness during meditation, it's not really meditation, it's more like a trance or... yea, blackout :).

    I never had similar experience in my entire practice, and I'm afraid, I've never heard of anyone with such experience, sorry.

    1. I have often "blacked out" during meditations. My meditations involve mostly soul travel and I meet a lot of beings along the way. The first few times I blacked out, was when I was meeting angels where they would touch me. When I consulted my friend about it she told me it was because I wasnt strong enough to withstand their strong vibrations but that I was getting stronger as a result. My most recent "black out" however was nothing to do with touching angels and more to do with healing past hurts. I have not gotten to the bottom of it yet but hope to soon.

  2. Hi! I found your blog when I clicked on a list of people with similar interests. I'm going to keep an eye on your blog as I am trying to develop my own healing and other things. I love to read about other people's experiences.

    I haven't encountered what you have described above, but it sounds like it was epic! Was it frightening or were you perfectly at ease?

  3. Hi Burblings =)

    It was brilliant, I think it was exactly the kind of healing I needed. It was time for a break and the blackout sorta shut me down. When I came back it was like the time had just disappeared.

    I will sometimes do a guided meditation that ends with just letting your eyes and your mind switch off, but this time the lights went out completely.

  4. Black-out can mean that you only see black, or you faint basically. I think I can tell the way to see only black.

    Cover your right eye in a way that you only see black even when the eye is open (the idea is to relax your left-part of the brain) . Sit in dark room, with only little light. Breath out a really long time, and leave your mouth open, so the air flows in automatically. When you repeat this enough many times with your both eyes open, you will lose all light that your left eye sees for a moment, and then you recover back to the dark room from completely black.

    I believe this has something to do with the fact that when your breathing is at level of maximally out or maximally in, your blood transmits oxygen to your brains at certain level which causes this totally black vision.

    REMEMBER: Drink water before you meditate, and dont forget to blink your eyes even when its dark room.


    1. Hi Goblin, I think relaxing the brain has something to do with it, definitely. If I think back to this meditation, I had a very long week and when I sat down to meditate my body switched off one bit at a time. By the time it got to my head area I just zonked out LOL. It was a sensation that I'm not used to though, as it was not sleep.

  5. I believe what I experienced yesterday was a blackout. I was in much emotional pain before meditation. I started at 10:30am. Feeling much peace and reassurance of future events and that everything would be ok during the meditation. I came too (I was awake the entire time) for hours later. Became feared when I saw for hours had gone by. I couldn't figure out eat had happened. Slowly the peace and reassurance returned and within minutes I felt peace once again. It only seemed like two hours at the most.

  6. At night when I meditate I sometimes Black out, but when I come out of blacking out I can feel gravity pulling down on my body. I also sometimes see shapes with light coming out of them when I wake up, but this is only a few seconds while I come out of the blackout. Some of the shapes are like nothing I have ever seen before, but I did recognize one of the shapes and it looked like a plus sign. My mind told me at the top of the plus sign was up and the bottom was down and the left side of the plus sign was positive and the right side of the plus sign was negative. I don't know what any of this mean but would like to learn more about what it is.

  7. Yes, I black out all the time during meditation, for several years now. It feels like falling asleep but I can also feel that it isn't sleep. I go into Blackness completely. It is a form of deep samadhi and / or merger with Absolute Reality. It is a process of deepening and furthering the energetic transformation that takes you to full Divinization, completely dropping all human conditioning.

  8. I have just recently started experiencing this. It first happened during my first holotropic breathwork session, and i was told by my guide that my breath was very shallow and it felt to her like i was in a very deep healing resting state, like sleep but not. It happened again at a sound meditation, there are gaps where i don't remember but i know i went really deep.