Friday, March 25, 2011

Starry Starry Night 🌟

I have been feeling very grounded and awake today, it's new for me and I thought it would be worth documenting. For me, being grounded means being firmly in my body and aware of my surroundings, as well as looking through my eyes and actually seeing what is there. Seeing, smelling, hearing, and feeling. Most people would take this for granted, but in my daily life I tend to be wrapped in a bubble of thoughts and imagination.

Yesterday I went for a jog and suddenly felt compelled to take off my earphones and stop running. Instead, I walked around the block exploring the streets behind my house, and just listened to the sound of my sneakers on the pavement. It struck me that I don't really hear that sound, and it should be more familiar as levitation isn't one of my psychic abilities lol. The experience was really peaceful, I think I could hear every last sound because I was the only person out on the street. The sky was clear blue, with a few stars and all I could hear was the breeze. I really like these warmer nights, it brings all of the life back into the city. 

Today I got the same "aware" feeling when I was sitting in my flat, and for the first time in a while I started noticing all of the details. My dresser table is really messy, there is make up strewn all over it. My shopping from 2 weeks ago is still in a nice little Phase Eight bag in the corner, and there are a couple books on the nightstand that I should have cleared out at least a week ago. So, I'm sure you're wondering why this is important in a blog about psychic development??? Well, developing our extra sensory perception is about achieving a heightened sense of awareness.  For me, the biggest challenge is actually becoming aware of the details that I should be able to see with my "regular" senses. 

A few months ago I was suprised by a very vivid meditation in one of my classes. I could smell the ocean in the background, I could feel the cold earth under my feet and I could taste the salt water in my mouth. What impressed me was the level of detail, as I sensed things that I usually wouldn't give a thought to in real life. That was when I really started to enjoy the meditations, and what my Guides are telling me now is that I should make an effort to capture all of those sensations in my day to day life. My waking moments are more "vivid" when I'm aware. And for some reason, I have the feeling that drinking more water is helping me achieve this, now that I'm off coffee I feel more myself.  =)

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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  1. lol ... as you can see I'm a fan of the painting, this is the second post I've called Starry Stary Night! =)