Sunday, January 30, 2011

Clearing Energy with Acupuncture

I am finally back from a long holiday and have stepped back into the world of healing and friendly spirit guides. This term is going to be so much busier,  the healing school has raised the bar on our practice sessions. We're also paying more attention to our own energy blocks, we really need to get rid of these to be able to access useful information about our clients and our own lives. 

Last week I finally made progress by clearing a huge  block of mine.  For the past few years I've had a number of medical issues on my left side. The mildest form has been recurrent sciatica pain in my left leg, accompanied with lower back pain. I've got a very mild form of scoliosis but not enough to cause problems, as the doctors told me. A couple years ago I noticed that this flares up with I'm stressed or in control-freak mode.  The worst has been DVT, which can be a lot more serious but turned out to be harmless in my case.  One of the reasons I became interested in energy healing was to cure myself =)

Last week was groundbreaking, the energy on my left side has finally started flowing freely again. It was all thanks to an excellent acupuncturist, a deep tissue massage, and a revelation about my psychological triggers.   So far I've only been to two acupuncture sessions, the 1st time I didn't actually feel the needles working, but the massage undid all my knots and I felt 97% better after 2 days.  The second session hurt like hell despite the fact that my sciatica hadn't been acting up. The needles didn't hurt, but I could feel a current of pain shooting down my nerves and to my toes.  It was healing pain, kind of like what you get when the  numbness goes out of your leg and you start to feel really intense tickling. 

The interesting thing about it, is that the left side is our feminine side and my energy was stuck. The combination of acupuncture, healing, and visualization got it flowing again and I feel so much lighter and healthier.  From a psychic point of view, I'm also able to ground a lot deeper and connect with earth energies in a very tangible way.  It's helped my clairvoyant meditations, by strengthening the scope and clarity of my mind's eye.  I'm really curious to go back to my psychic development class this coming Wednesday and see if it has an effect on my performance. I literally see a new world unfolding in front of me and it's very exciting. =)

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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