Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Interpreting Symbols

I am giving clairvoyant readings at school, it can be a lot of fun when you get past the stage fright. It took me a while to get started because I kept trying to force a dialogue with my spirit guides and they don't really communicate with me that way. I do a lot better with guided meditations and just keep an eye on all the images and scenes that go by. The clairvoyance comes easily when you relax, the tricky part is learning to interpret the message. 

For example, a couple weeks ago I saw my sitter traveling halfway across the world on a spiritual holiday. She was very excited to go on this journey and had sturdy walking boots to symbolize a challenging trek. In my meditation I saw her going to a temple in Asia, it was very peaceful and fulfilling for a few seconds and then a Samurai warrior appeared on the scene. His energy was combative, it seemed like he was ready for a battle and waiting for it to start. 

I tried to bring my mind back to the tranquility of the monks but it just went back to the Samurai, I felt like I should enjoy the tranquility of the monks but the aggressive Samurai spirit didn't let me. After a few minutes I gave in and just let the images switch back and forth between peace and war. I almost dismissed the struggle as a product of my imagination, but when I mentioned this to my sitter she confirmed that she actually felt this way in her life. 

Even during the reading my logical mind was still trying to convince her to consider a trip to Asia, or to take up a Buddhist practice. Looking back on it, the Asian backdrop had more to do with my own subconscious than with the message I was supposed to give her.  I spent an hour at the British Museum looking at Samurai swords and Buddhist sculptures last week, and just yesterday I bought a book by a Tibetan master. This scene served as a backdrop for the real messages: the inner struggle, the spiritual journey and expansiveness of the horizon.  All of these were based on feeling evoked by the images, not by the images themselves.

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  1. Hi! I ended up here almost by accident, found you on facebook..
    I started reading you today and think it's very interesting..
    I wanted to ask you if you know anything about seeing double digits. I've been seeing double digits like 10:10 09:09 all of them, also 12:21, i see numbers changing when i check my watch to see the time. It's been happening since september and I haven't found anyone who knows about this. I've asked mediums, all people in the spiritualist church and no one is able to give me a satisfactory answer.. if it wasn't for the fact that i'm so curious and want to know everything about this I would've forgotten by now, but won't rest till I find out.. let me know if you know anything about it. Thanks

  2. Hi Macaw,

    Have you thought about picking up a book on numerology and looking the numbers up? Try thinking about what the numbers mean to you. What pops into you mind when you see them? Pay attention to your surroundings, it might be part of the message.

    If your guides or angels are using the numbers to communicate, you can always ask them to try a different method to make it easier to understand. Tarot is usually pretty direct, there are beginners decks out there that are easy to follow (try Sonia Choquette).

    Hope this helps


  3. Thank you Geena for your reply!

    I haven't had the chance to check that on a numerology book, should do that when I have some free time. Got other things to do first!

    I only know it must have some meaning otherwise it wouldn't happen so often, don't believe in coincidences! Possibly some change coming my way that's what I keep thinking that it's a sign of some change, not sure what but whatever it is I'll know sooner or later!

    Congratulations for your blog, it seems interesting as I'm also interested in the same subjects as you do!
    Will surely visit you whenever i can!

    Thanks once again