Thursday, November 25, 2010

How Do They See Us from the Other Side?

This is something I've wondered on more than one occasion: will family members be able to witness our accomplishments after they've passed on? And what about our Spirit Guides and Angels, how much of our daily lives are they privy to? Will they notice when we've failed a math test, or if we ran a red light?

I can't pretend to know the answer to this one, but I just read a quote that inspired me. Its from the book Ponder on This, a compilation of thoughts from one woman's spirit guide (a little too science-fiction for me, but still a good read). At one point he tells her: "I have watched you succeed and I have seen you fail, this I do through the pulsation of your light not in watching the detail of your daily living."

The thought of humans as light beings is comforting, what a shame that we haven't learned to see each other this way. I imagine swarms of light all over the planet, with dark patches in areas of intense pain and conflict. But there are beacons of light even in the darkest areas, and we each have what it takes to turn it on. The book went on to describe the process and to my surprise it wasn't through meditation, but through "high thinking, right living and loving activity. "

Our thoughts and actions can raise our vibration and make us better, brighter beings - the idea is so simple and so true. The past few months I've been focusing too much on meditation, as the year draws to a close it is time to think of habits to foster in the New Year. Is it cheesy to think that we can make the world a brighter place? In my mind I see them looking down at us from above, and marvelling at the sphere of light.

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  1. Very surprising idea to me but very beautiful and kind of makes sens. Never thought about it that way...
    I love your blog, I am myself very interested in spiritual development but didn't have opportunity to do it in school-like environement, i only observe my experiences and keep eyes and mind open.

    p.s. why i have set up my mind that you a a male? Now when I noticed name Geena it suprised me, lol

    lots of love & light

  2. lol, I think you might be sensing one of my spirit guides, they are mostly males (or the one from the book). Did any names come to mind? =)

  3. Hi Geena, if we think for a moment about the purpose of meditation we'll find that it's to bring peace and meet Love and Happiness inside us. Simple activities or hobbies that you enjoy doing also has that effect on you. When I work out, for example, which is an activity I love doing thoughts give me a break and I'm able to feel love, happiness free of worries and negativity, that high vibration or what other names we might give it. Whatever takes you away from the thoughts that bring worry that's another kind of meditation.
    This doesn't mean you should stop sitting, I still love meditating in the quietness of my room at night or in the morning. But it's good to know that sitting quietly is not the only way, but only one in a million.


  4. Geena, I don't know why but still, when I read your blog I feel like it is a Man's environement, lol, go figure.. And the letter that comes to my mind is R, but no worries if it doesn't ring a bell, it might be a first impression which stayed in my perception.

    Your blog is very helpful in answers and ideas to think about, I fully enjoy it, keep writting :)


  5. Hi Caterpillar!

    Sorry it took me ages to reply, there is something in the R that you're sensing. It rings a bell. Anyhooo, I had a healing session done last week and they told me I need to unblock my left side (feminine side). I remembered your comment afterward, think there's something there for me to work on.

    @Macaw: I've been sitting still for 5-10 minutes every day, it's actually working but I just practice throwing down my roots and connecting. It was homework for my psychic reading class and it's starting to happen quicker which is always good

    Take care