Monday, October 25, 2010

Bright Red Potions

Being constant is probably one of the most difficult things for me, finding the time to meditate everyday. Making an effort to talk to my guides, and now that I've been traveling with mythical animals that's another distraction.  Just don't know what to focus on, and then there is the healing as well. 

Today I saw a purple door, and when I walked through it I was greeted by foggy lilac light that slowly disappeared as I walked down the long white flight of stairs to a white, but not so bright corridor. The walls were light purple as well, even through I couldn't see a fabric. It was almost like the paper was made of faint lilac light.  When I stepped outside I was greeted by the most vivid green flowery bushes I have ever seen. It was a really beautiful garden with lots of light green bushes, full of flowers and fresh air. I could almost hear birds chirping in the background. The atmosphere was absolutely magical all the way there and then I saw a big white unicorn.

It's name was Danubio. 

The unicorn carried me to a castle on a hill overlooking the seaside. I couldn't actually see the ocean, but I could sense it in the distance. It left me at the top of a long flight of open stairs, which I descended towards an open courtyard. A young woman greeted me there with a red fruity potion that I drank.  My physical body reacted to it, and I could feel it sinking into my base chakra and lighting up the sacral. I had a few berries, but then started feeling anxious and went back to the unicorn who somehow transported me directly to the purple chair. Its almost like the trip was too much for me, but I think its because I am physically exhausted and meditating more than that would have been too much.

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