Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mythical Creatures in Psychic Readings

We studied dragons & unicorns in this week's psychic awareness class, the teacher mentioned that mythical creatures have had so much attention that they've actually developed into thought forms in other dimensions. Dragons can be good or bad, just like humans, the amazing thing is that they can actually take you to another location to see and experience things that are relevant for the readee. 

The guided meditation started with the typical trip to a clearing in the woods, where we were instructed to wait for a guide, an angel, or a creature to appear. For a split second I tried to imagine a unicorn but a dragon showed up instead. I saw its eye, and when it came closer to me I could sense a reptilian energy around me. It took me a few minutes to get close to it (mostly because of my own nerves).  I remember stroking its nose, looking into its eyes and getting a feel for its very active, friendly spirit. It was willing me to climb on its back, it never communicated telepathically, I just knew what it wanted me to do.

At 1st I was terrified of sliding off, there isn't really anything to hang onto and I think it might have wrapped its tail around my waist to give me the illusion of safety. I just sat there for a while and didn't let it take off. Finally I was OK with flying and it just started going up into the sky. The whole time my logical mind was competing with my 3rd eye, I tried to see sunny green fields in the horizon but it dragon went to a distant, smoky city instead. 

The whole experience felt like scene from that movie about the ghosts of Christmas past, or maybe a trip to Narnia. I knew I was actually sitting in a room at the College, but at the same time my spirit was traveling to this other dimension where I could walk, talk and interact with magic dragons. I also kept my free will the whole time, and had to consciously agree to take the next step before letting it happen. 

The dragon left me on the roof of a  lone skyscraper in the smoky city. I climbed off its back and suddenly knew that there was nowhere to go except for over the ledge. I had the distinct feeling of being up 100 flights of stairs, and remember thinking that this ledge had to have meaning for my readee. My logical mind resisted the jump, but I threw myself off expecting to plummet to my "meditative" death. 

Strangely enough, I fell about 3 feet and landed unharmed in the middle of a sunny terracotta village. It reminded me of the Italian country side, and people were sitting for brunch enjoying the day. It was warm, bright, and friendly. No one noticed me, or the dragon that appeared to take me back to the clearing.  The sensations where so vivid, even though the visuals were a bit hazy. 

When we came out of the meditation I went on to describe this to my readee. We both took it to mean that she was very scared of taking a leap in her life, but that the fall was not going to be as dramatic as she expected. The whole class meditated on a message for the same woman, and as we went around in a circle to give the reading it was surprising to see how the messages were very similar (albeit with different visual experiences).

This worked much better for me than trying to sit down and talk to my guides, I hadn't been able to actually establish much of a dialogue, I guess clair audience isn't one of the skills that I've got to work with now. This was just as good, and the symbolism in visuals is fun to work with. When I listened to the other students talked, they mentioned elements that I'd experienced, but didn't think to mention. 

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