Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reading Colors in Auras

Yesterday I saw aura colors during a healing session, I wasn't even trying to read her her and they just appeared.  These things always take me by surprise, the last time I saw colors it was in the healing energy as it went through the chakras. I had never actually seen anything in the client's energy body.

I was healing my client's legs and when I placed my hand near her left hip I saw the lightest, brightest blue.  How can I describe it? It wasn't like her legs turned blue, the way I experienced it was a wave of pale blue light that flooded my mind's eye when I placed my hand near her left hip.  It surprised me and I kept my hands there for a few minutes more than I needed to, trying to get a feel for what the color had to say.  It was a light peaceful mood, but still a bit melancholic.

After the session I mentioned it to my client and she said that was how she'd been feeling, and that she was going home that weekend to see her family because she missed them. Interesting enough, our base chakra and our legs connect to our roots and our family life (our origins). It wasn't a coincidence that I'd seen melancholic blues in her legs and I'm glad I mentioned it because it reinforced my vision.

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. I would really like to develop my psychic abilities and read auras( i practice Reiki) and that would help me alot....any tips where to start? classes?

  2. Hi There,

    Classes are always really good, but if you can find a chakra meditation group that works just as well. I started out with meditations and my teachers have us practice for 10-15 minutes everyday.

    Basically, your psychic abilities start to work when your throat & brow chakras open up. I've had to work on grounding and centering in my bottom 3 chakras first, because when those were off I would get irrelevant and flaky visions. There is a really good guided meditation by Elliot Jay Tanzer that talks you through grounding, centering and opening up to psychic visions. You can find it on Amazon.

    Hope this helps =)


  3. Thanks Geena :)
    Can you recommend a good teacher?workshop?

  4. well...i will be coming shortly and will be there for awhile :)........doing a course in hypnosis.....

  5. There are a couple schools that give one day workshops if you're just visiting. Try the London College of Psychic Studies or London Psychic School. If you're up for traveling somewhere else, Sonia Choquette gives seminars in the US that are supposed to be good, I really like her books but I haven't taken her classes.

    Hope you find something good when you're here!

  6. ok...thank you sooooooo much r a sweeet heart :)

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  8. @ Psychic Tips :

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    Take care!