Friday, September 17, 2010

What's my Vocation?

Recently I've been wondering where all of this is going to take me, what I'd end up doing with my life. I've only been on this journey of self-discovery for about a year, even though it seems like so much longer. I love learning about healing and noticed a few months ago that I have a natural ability for spiritual healing. 

So today I caught a ride back from work with a colleague, we were talking about a breathing course that she took and how much it changed her life. We ended up discussing the aura, energy centers and some of the other fun things that I have learned at school and I only just realized how much I already know. 

It dawned on me that I like sharing my experiences with people, and suddenly I saw myself teaching a group of friends about my new experiences. I have the feeling that when I start talking, I'm going to say things that not even I knew were true. And it will be a whole new way for me to learn and discover my own truth.

It's like I've finally seen where I am going to go with this, and it came at a really good time. Earlier today I was talking to a colleague at work and mentioned my meditation classes and this new healing course that I'm about to take. When I mentioned that it lasts 2 years he was a little surprised, and its like I finally unveiled a piece of my true persona. I think I'll only be truly happy and comfortable with myself when I am open and honest about who I am. It's like I need to come out of the spiritual closet.

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. I think this is very important to inner happiness.

    I still do not tell most people about my sensitivities because it is so 'Taboo' to most.

  2. Hi Equine, I used to think like that but now I find that the more I talk about it, the better I feel about myself. Opening up also attracts like minded people and that's a huge relief!

    Love and Light,