Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Spiritual Significance of Pain

I read my cards and they scared me, it took a couple days to make sense of it because I was so put off. The first one I got was Suffering, the 2nd one was Death, and the 3rd one was Rebellion. The three of them were very red and heavy in terms of color, I guess what freaked me out more than anything is that I was asking about my job got such a violent, physical reply (maybe I'm being too literal?)

The 1st one talked about the fear of pain and how sometimes you can't get away from it and it helps to ground you. The only encouraging message was that I would be able to handle whatever was sent my way, and that I'd heal from it with patience, time and help from my guides & angels.  The 2nd one is about the end of a cycle, easy enough, and the 3rd one was about my warrior guides helping me deal with my rebellion against authority. Not sure what that means, but I guess I can take away that my warrior guides will help.

The pain is supposed to ground you, and that's what my sciatica does whenever I have it. I usually get shooting pains in my back when I'm daydreaming about work, usually lofty dreams about what I'd like to accomplish and the shooting pain in my side always brings me back to life. I've been happy overall, calm, peaceful. But I have had 2 sudden attacks, the 1st one when we were in an inspirational meeting with the team, and the other one on a weekend when I started daydreaming about my career (sad).

I guess the pain is meant to ground me in the present moment?  I'll do my best to try that on my own, I'm sure if I'm feeling it I still have real issues to face.

So tough this emotional body of mine!

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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