Saturday, September 18, 2010

Healing with Intent and Visualization

The new school term just started, I've had so much fun with the healing practice this week!  The method we're learning involves working off the body, throughout the process my hands are actually in the energy field at the outer tip of the chakras.  You start by placing your hands above the crown chakra, where you can feel it tingling without actually blocking it.  I always know I've hit the spot when I feel a jab in my palm, or a sudden rush of cold. 

From there you pace yourself and move down the chakras with your hands suspended mid-air on either side of the client's torso. The crown, brow, solar plexus and sacral are easy enough to manage.  The base chakra can be a bit awkward, you have to kneel with one hand under the back of the chair, and the other suspended mid-air about 5 inches over the client's lap. All of this without losing your balance!  

The Youtube Video below is a good demonstration of a chair healing. The healer touches her client's hips and knees though this isn't always necessary. We usually place our hands on the clients shoulders and feet only. I like to hold my hands close to the body if they feel pain in a particular area without actually touching it. The physical aura layer is the one we're healing in that instance.

Chair Healing Demonstration (not me!)

Last term I got to the point where I could remember the correct sequence, find the chakras,  but I struggled to keep the energy flowing through my hands and into the client's aura. For the past few months I've been practicing my grounding, and also making a huge effort to connect to the light at the highest level and really plug into the energy. With that done, there is so much you can play around with during the session to make it more dynamic, and clairvoyantly stimulating.

What I tried this week was applying some of the energy management tools to the client.  For example, there's an aura cleansing technique where you visualize a huge grounding chord that extends down from your aura to the center of the earth. With the power of intention, you command it to vacuum excess energy from your physical and energy bodies, and send it down to the center of the earth where it is purified.

This was what I practiced during my homework session, and the incredible thing is that the client actually noticed when all of that excess energy fell through the floor. She didn't put it in those terms, but I could see it happening and then during the feedback session she mentioned how that point at the end made her let go and just relax.  

I'd like to practice on someone who's a little bit psychic, they can see and feel things that others can't.

Anyhooo, this was a good day!

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. Dear Geena,

    It is with great interest that I've read your experience. I used to be a reiki practioner but somehow feel I've lost it (my healing abilities). Have a request if you can send healing for Rocco, my German |Shepherd dog's front left paw which they say is a lick granuloma and may have to be amputated. We have already amputated the adjoining one. Please, please help him. Regards, Prudence

  2. Hi Prudence, Sorry to hear about your German Shepherd, I'll remember to send Rocco healing and will ask my classmates to keep him in mind as well.

    Love & Light

  3. Through distant healing, it's a lot like praying but with more focus and less "asking" involved. We haven't learned how to work with animals yet, but I suppose the same energy principles apply (and energy follows thought).

  4. Read through your experiences. It's a wonderfully mysterious world!

  5. so lovely to hear of your healing energies being used to help both yourself and others. i am of the same bent, and am always thrilled to find accounts of kindred spirits out there! may peace, harmony and healing fill and surround us all, always.
    love and light
    halo c. grace

  6. heyyy could u tell me what wrong with me i.e if u cud sense my energy .......
    sagar raha

  7. Hi Sagar, I'm still very much a beginner, I could send you healing and possibly get a few clues about what to work on, i.e. heart chakra, kidney, etc.

    I'm still learning though, so the impressions can be hard to interpret. Usually I try to channel the healing energy and ask that it goes where its needed =)

  8. Hi Geena
    I've just found your blog and love it... the background mountains are awesome, reminding me of my treks in the Himalaya.
    It's lovely to see people open to this sort of thing. When I first did my reiki courses in 1997 I was looked at as a kind of weirdo, always wanting to put my "hot hands" where I felt them needed. I have since learned to temper my impulses and wait until healing is asked for. I have done quite a bit of distant healing on animals, dogs in particular, and the feedback has been wonderful. For eg. a dog that was petrified of water now loves his hydrotherapy sessions for his hip displasia... and those that had to travel from South Africa to England and stay in quarantine for 6 months really benefitted.
    I got to meet the leader of the Berkeley Psychic Institute and her group of psychic travellers - they travelled with my husband and I around South Africa, having found us via word of mouth! I was sent a bundle of psychic healing/meditation tapes which I still refer to quite often.
    Stay well, trust your instincts and keep up the good work...
    Love and light

  9. Great work...God bless you!

  10. Hi Phillipa,

    That sounds amazing, how did you go about healing the dog that was scared of water? Do you work with the intent to heal that specific anxiety? Or just send them general healing?

    I'm really looking forward to working with animals, we learn that in 2-3 semesters so its still a way off =)

    Thanks for the comment!