Sunday, September 19, 2010

1st Day of Class

As of today I am officially a student healer! I've been learning for about 8 months, practicing on myself and occasionally on my friends. But today was my 1st day of the two year accreditation course. It's really interesting, I hadn't really practiced in months until a few weeks ago when I practiced healing with my friend G. 

At one point in the day I am pretty sure that I heard one of my spirit guides tell me to stay in my body. The tutor was talking, and even though I was listening to her lecture I kept floating out until I heard a voice tell me to stick with it (in Spanish!).  I went through the grounding process, through my roots down, called my spirit back and then was pretty much grounded. Its still hard for me though, I kind of feel like I'm floating at times. Or like I'm in a dream, watching this scene through my eyes like I was behind a mask or a set of binoculars. 

So we are supposed to pay attention to the foods we eat, how they make us feel and what we react to. I hope I am still able to eat spicy foods, but I am starting to think that I can't take lettuce anymore. I had a huge salad with shrimp, mozzarella, and rocket/spinach today and then my tummy inflated like a baloon. I had to sit on the ground and ground and heal myself again, I spent ages on my sacral and solar plexus chakras. 

Speaking of the solar plexus, I had a cord tied to that as well, and had to untie it, and release whoever was on the other side. I couldn't quite get rid of the cord, so my Guide cut it  and loosened the knot around the chakra. At that point I sucked it in like spaghetti and slid it out the bottom of my grounding cord where the little shredder I visualize to destroy neg energy and send it spiraling downwards sent it to the bottom of the earth to be burned and released.  So we effectively destroyed that cord and then I kept my hands near my tummy for about 5 minutes to channel energy to it. I am getting a feel of green in my stomach, I think I am going to be sick, its a queasy color but it is also related to jealousy.

During the healing N told me he felt like my solar plexus was imploding. I felt a bit of pain when he was working on it. Earlier in the day when we opened up I started to feel very anxious when we got there.  I tried tapping into the anxiety again when I got home to work through it but I couldn't quite make it. I am not sure what I am anxious about, but its there and I will need to face it. 

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