Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Friendly Encounter

I bumped into a friend when I was astral travelling today, it was a funny experience. This guy is a friend from home, and by home I mean from my soul group. We are from the same city and similar backgrounds in this life, but we've coincided so many times (even between lives).

So I was gliding through the Hall of Learning to meet my spirit guide and noticed that there were other "people" there too. The last time I went I'd only seen the building, light, and staircases. I was walking up the stairs and ran into this friend, it was kind of like bumping into him at the mall only we were really on another dimension! 

It was surreal, I recognized him in his human form when he went by, but then up close he seemed a lot brighter, and less defined physically. Its like he wasn't entirely there,  I could recognize his essence and see a figure that was slightly fluid and movable.  He walked with me till we ran into my guide and then said goodbye. 

I love having friends that you can talk to about this, as soon as I came back from my trip I sent him a text message to tell him about it (blackberry messenger, nothing paranormal or telepathic lol).  

What a crazy day!

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