Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Lost Sheep Returns ....

I went back to mass this weekend, first time in 10 years. And guess what? It is so much more fun now that I am clairvoyant! I still had trouble staying in the moment and listening to the sermon, but somehow I was able to tune in at the right moments and finally realized that the priest is just the messenger. 

I could actually see and feel the Spirits in the church, St Paul during his lecture and then I could distinctly sense all my Spirit Guides & Angels when the pastor was giving the homily on the "Prodigal Son".  It really rang true, either that was one hell of a coincidence, or my Guides maneuvered me into that church at that specific moment. 

Funny, I had been feeling a bit lonely and disconnected the past few weeks and when I walked past that catholic church and saw the families pouring out of it I got a little homesick. The first thought that popped into my mind was that church is a social event, and then I looked at the schedule and another mass was starting in about 5 minutes. 

My ego was trying to pull me away from the church, I kept wondering if it was OK for me to go to Sunday mass in sweat pants and finally figured that God wouldn't care if I was wearing trainers. I sat down half way down the aisle, then got up and moved to the back so that I would be able to leave if I wanted to. That's how reluctant I was. 

It was pretty cool, I still struggle to open up and listen voluntarily but the priest was a lot more progressive and practical than the ones we had back home, and some of the things he said seemed like they were meant for me.  My attention kept going from the sermon to the spirit guides, angels, and the occasional saint.

The best part is that now that I let myself open up and tune into the spirit world in general, and divine guidance in particular, I hope to have much better communication with my Higher Self & team of helpers =) 

Please join me below 💜
Thank you, Regina 

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  1. you really helped me , your expirience is something i feel myself..
    I have had that expirience myself , but thanks to your comments I now can see the expirience in me..
    God bless you psichich healer...
    I really want to get up and read what is going on with you because I can relate to so many of your expiriences... bless you

  2. At Easter mass last year I was floored when I "saw/felt/knew" that lots of Angels were flying in big happy loops up near the ceiling above the alter. It was beautiful and amazing. I felt so priveledged to KNOW this. :) <3