Saturday, September 25, 2010

Taking a Day Off

I stayed in all day today, have been struggling with a bit of a cold but I think it's more of a deep blue feeling that is cramping my style. My stomach had been hurting for a while, and I can feel pain and tension in my solar plexus.

After about 5 hours chilling at home, watching TV and daydreaming my tummy relaxed and it hasn't hurt again. So that's good, I think I gave myself a day to recharge and get better. I was sick this week, missed a day at work and sorta trudged through the rest.

My orange chakra is also healing itself, but more than anything I think I need to learn to separate myself from others so that I can interact with them emotionally without taking stuff on. Lately I find that I worry too much about how others feel, if they're comfortable, and I can sometimes feel their emotions.

The book I'm reading talk about the sacral chakra (under your belly button!) and how naturally empaths will absorb other people's problems, stress and anxiety. They relieve them of their troubles, but take the pain on themselves. I've always lived in my own bubble, and as selfish as it might sound I'd never been one to fall for that sacral chakra trap. 

Learning to deal with people when you're open psychically can be a challenge, you take stuff on when you probably don't need to. It can be a real challenge learning to separate, and let them solve their own problems. It was so much easier when I floated around in oblivion but now that the blinds are off I can't put them back on.

I've had to take breaks from friends, colleagues, etc to recharge my batteries. But it's time that I start paying more attention to my aura's boundaries, and to the flow of energy going through my chakras. It's cool to help people find their way, but we're not really equipped to take on other people's problems, even if it's just energetically.

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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