Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Healing with Song

Healing can come in many different ways, some of us like to channel energy and clear blockages. Other people like to go for a  walk, talk to a friend or watch a funny movie. At the end of the day we need to release pent up emotions, and our weapon of choice can be as varied as our hairstyles and our wardrobes. Learning to channel our emotions is the corner stone in self-healing, without it we will have a tough time getting to the root of our physical discomfort.

One of the authors I'm reading describes emotions as the language that the body and soul use to communicate with each other. In Your Aura and Your Chakras: The Owner's Manual, Karla McLaren explains that our soul floods our consciousness with emotions when it needs to communicate, mainly because our conscious physical self doesn't speak the required spiritual language. 

If we don't acknowledge this emotion and deal with it, it will then manifest in the physical body as pain or dis-ease. Based on this rationale it becomes extremely useful to welcome even our dark feeling, and even to marinade in them befor moving on. I don't know about you, but I don't want to end up with chronic pain in my left knee. 

Some of us can fall into the trap of over analyzing our problems, and rather than bask in our emotions we're too busy thinking to acknowledge them. I'm definately guilty as charged, so I've come up with a neat trick to make sure I give myself a chance to listen to what my soul is telling me. One of the great outlets I've found is music. I will often put my iTunes on shuffle and wait for the right song to come along. When it does I will sit back and let it wash over me, listening to the melody and the voice rather than the words. When the song is over you can play it again, or turn the music off and meditate on that emotion until it is no longer needed.

Now Time for an Experiment!

I am going to link to three songs on Youtube, listen to them and try to feel their mood.  They won't all be in English but if you pay attention to the melody and the tone of voice you'll be suprised by how much you'll get. Write about it when you're done listening. Please leave a comment to tell us what you felt with each song!

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros


Michael Nymann (Piano!)

Hope you like this one, let us know what you felt in the comments below and Share the post if you really enjoyed it. Music, love and light to you all! 

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Reiki hugs, Regina