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The Lord's Prayer in "72 Names of God"

The past year I have been taking a Practical Kabbalah class where we study the mystical meaning of Hebrew letters, the numerology for each letter and where they are on the Tree of Life. In Kabbalah, the belief is that God activated combinations of Hebrew letters to create the Universe in an explosion of light. My Kabbalah teacher calls them the 22 blocks of creation. 

1)   Diamonds in the Rough 

I have family members that are devout Catholics and about 10 years ago, one of my uncles signed up for a year-long class on Judaism because he thought that it was impossible to fully understand Catholicism unless you were familiar with the Jewish faith (after all, Jesus was Jewish). Initially there were plenty of Jewish concepts in Christianity, but the early Church (100-300AD) ended up dropping many of these to make it easier for non-Jews to convert. 

If we look at the New Testament as a guide, leaving out the historical context gives us a limited view. Jesus is quoted as saying that we would do what he did and more, but we haven't. Maybe it is because we are missing part of the equation. 

Then I had a epiphany about the Bible story where a large crowd is gathered, and how Jesus was said to multiply fish and bread to be able to feed them. I went looking for a copy of the Bible, and as I was reading it again, a visual of the "Diamonds in the Rough" card from The Kabbalah Centre’s 72 Names of God deck came to mind. As it turns out, the exact number of fish and bread mentioned in the story coincides with the numerology of the Hebrew letters on this card. The card is about taking coal and turning it into diamonds, or a bad situation and turning it around. My conclusion was that the combination of letters were the key. Read the post here: Miracle Making With Hebrew Letters {LINK}

2) What Are The 72 Names? 

There is a passage in the Torah where Moses leads the Jewish people out of Egypt and they find themselves trapped between the Egyptian army and the Red Sea. The sea parts and they escape. How did this happen? And are we meant to take it literally? I don't speak or read Hebrew, but I am told that in this passage in the Torah, there are 72 combinations of letters that appear for the very first time. 

They are often referred to as Names of God (3 letters each) but Dalia, our teacher, tells us that they would be better described as qualities or attributes of God. The Kabbalah Centre has a meditation deck with the meaning for each of the 72 combinations, and we can connect with these "Names of God" to heal ourselves, and in my experience, to release fear, anger, or unhealthy patterns, and just generally to feel more loving, cooperative and empowered. 

3) The Lord's Prayer 

Two weeks ago I was thinking about the Lords Prayer and just when I read "Give us this day our daily bread," the Diamonds in the Rough card from the Kabbalah Centre's deck came to mind. WOW! It stopped me in my tracks. Years ago I wrote a post on how the Lords Prayer is the ultimate manifesting tool (Here), what if those miraculous letters were always meant to activate its power? Is there a a "Name of God" for each of the lines in the prayer? It has taken me a while, but I played around with different combinations and came up with the list below. I included a brief explanation, but it will make more sense with the 72 Names of God deck. 

FYI,  I don’t have a Hebrew keyboard, you’ll find the letters depicted correctly on the JPG at the bottom of this blog post.

And please note that Hebrew is read from RIGHT to LEFT. 

 ×• ×• ×œ Our Father Who Art in Heaven: 
The letters are Lamed Vav Vav, and keep in mind that Hebrew is read from right to left - the squiggly letter that looks like a snake is Lamed. This letter is meant to reflect the energy of the teacher, an the intuitive drive to go 'upstairs' and ask God for answers (while grounding yourself too). The 72 Names deck associates this combination with "Dialing God" 

מהש  - Hallowed Be Thy Name
This association might only be made in English, but to me, the world holy sounds an awful lot like "whole" and healing is about making us whole again. So I went with Mem Hei Shin, the three letter combination that speaks of healing miracles. 

We could take this one step further with spiritual healing. And the power of setting your intent to connect with that highest and purest source of light that is available to all of us, regardless of religion (we are in the same universe, after all). 

 - ×™×–ל - Thy Kingdom Come
The letters are Yod, Zayin, Lamed. Dalia, my Kabbalah teacher, tells us that Yod (the little one) is the most powerful letter because it holds a spark of divine light that can become anything. Zayin is a sword, or a tool used in harvesting crops. It helps us break through, while lamed draws on the light in the upper worlds. This combination is about switching on our inner light and finding that kingdom within ourselves.  

If you are familiar with Reiki, it feels like the Distance Symbol, which helps us connect with our inner Christ Light or Inner Buddha, depending on your beliefs.  

ייל - Thy Will Be Done 

Yod, Yod, Lamed. This one has worked best for me when I need help as it involves surrendering our will or opinions, and letting the best solution come forward. While calling on that Divine light and asking it to use its power and wisdom in the situation. 

סיט - On Earth As It is in Heaven
Samekh, Yod, Tet. This is the miracle card, and what is a miracle if it's not bridging the gap between Heaven and Earth? What I like about Berg's interpretation is that we play an part bringing this about, by transforming ourselves. Also, on a personal level, the Yod and the Tet resonate with the Tibetan symbols that are used in Reiki Master trainings. 

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

The letters are Resh, Hei, Ayin - this is the letter combination that I mentioned above. The numerical value of Resh is 200, Hei is 5 and Ayin is 70. In numerology we reduce numbers down to single digits by adding them, which gives 2, 5 and 7. If you'll look at those passages where Jesus multiplied bread for a large crowd, there were 2 and 5 baskets in one of the passages, and 7 in the other. Bread can be actual physical bread so that we don't starve to death, but also in the spiritual sense if it feeds your soul. 

החש - Forgive Us Our Trespasses

This one I am going to skip for now, I don't want to give it all away but if you look up Hei, Chet, Shin, it should be obvious. That said, there were two or three different Names that could have fit in here. I spent the most time fiddling around with the forgiveness lines, as it does so many things: sets us free, heals us, releases guilt, builds bridge and helps us find peace so that we can get on with it. 

ילה  - As We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against US  
You, Lamed, Hey. There is a concept I have heard several times, both at the Berg's Kabbalah Center and where I now study (associated with Dr Joseph Michael Levry). We generate the most bad karma and activate our shadow when we judge others. There is a sphere on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life that is associated with judging or punishing others, when we channel that sphere, it throws our whole ecosystem out of balance. This name can heal that. 

פהל - Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Pei, Hei, Lamed. I love this card and the image that goes with it more than any other in the 72 Names of God deck. It is about conquering addictions, and the soccer player on the card has the number 19 on his back, a number associated with the SUN and victory.  

ייי - Deliver Us From Wrongdoing 

Yod, Yod, Yod. Dr Joseph Michael Levry, who developed the kabbalah tools that I've been studying for the last year, also developed what I like to call a singing yoga (Naam Yoga), where we use mantras, yoga poses and chakra boosters to activate our personal Tree of Life. Naam Yoga is also more fun than any yoga class I have ever taken, though less focused on the yoga workout than the singing =)   

One of the mantras that we sing in class is called Ad Gureh Name: The Triple Mantra for Protection, and it is said to keep our vibration high enough so that we are always in the right place at the right time, and never in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Triple Yod has the same effect. Listen on Spotify

דמב - Thine is the Kingdom, Power & Glory 

This line is in the Protestant version but not the Catholic one. I  tend to include it because of the link with the Tree of Life.   

The Tree of Life has three columns (see here). The circles or spheres each represent a spiritual quality that filters down to the world. Hod is the sphere of Glory, and the lowermost sphere at the very bottom of the Tree is Malchut, which represents the universe. Malchut is often referred to as the Kingdom. There are two separate spheres that I have seen associated with Power, through strength or love. One of my Kabbalah teachers suggested that whoever wrote the Our Father had to be familiar with Kabbalah and with the Tree of Life. I just never thought I would make a leap to the 72 names of GOD, lol. 

So why did I choose these letters? In meditation decks that I have seen, Dalet Mem Bet is translated as Fear of God - or in my words - Awe of God. It is more about respect than fear, I think. The Hebrew letter Dalet also references humility and how we humans can be humble and great at the same time.

Humility keeps us from losing our grounding and letting our ego get the best of us, which has happened to quite a few people who have gone down this path. 

והו - Now and Forever
Vav, Hei, Vav. This is the time travel combination, and it talks about past, present and future in one. 

רי - Amen 

Ayin, Resh, Yod = Absolute faith. This name reflects the certainty + intention of the Amen. 

How Do We Use This??? 

What I have been doing is visualising the three letter names with each of the phrases, drawing them, or just reciting the names and thinking of the concepts.  To keep it simple, I often visualise Lamed Vav Vav at the beginning and close with Ayin Resh Yud near the end. Before working my way up to this, I had been choosing cards from the Kabbalah Centre's deck and using Theta Healing meditations to download their vibration to my physical body and Aura. Stay tuned for a meditation on Youtube - coming soon!



Regina Chouza is an Energy Healer, Angel Medium and author of A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love and Chakra Healing & Magick. She studied angels, tarot and astrology at The College of Psychic Studies in London, and qualified as a Healer at the School of Intuition & Healing. Regina's passion is bringing joy and empowerment to healing pursuits.  


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