Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Humanitarian Appeal This Christmas

Hello Chickpeas! This year my family is doing something new for Christmas. Rather than give and receive presents that we don't really need, each of us is going to make a donation to a charity of our choice This is mine: I heard about it when a friend emailed to ask for help. You'll find her email below. If you aren't familiar with the crisis in Venezuela please click on the link below: 

Dear friends,
As you are probably aware, the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela continues to worsen and its impact on the population, especially children from low income households, is truly dramatic.  
The situation is heartbreaking, but watching it with your own eyes is even sadder. This is why we are supporting #AlimentaLaSolidaridad (which translates to #FeedingSolidarity) a program that does an extraordinary job providing lunch to little ones, who without this support, could go without food for days. These kids not only feel hunger, but their development is being threatened.  We are looking for people wanting to show solidarity with these Venezuelan children.
Last Sunday, we heard the testimony of Alba, a teacher of Carapita (a very poor neighborhood in Caracas). She had a hard time telling us what it feels like living there, her tears could not let her speak. Alba began the school year in October 2015 with 32 children in her classroom; by March only 3 were left. The children’s moms were not sending kids to school because they didn’t have anything to feed them with and so, many would faint in school.  
Parents would rather force their children to sleep until mid-morning to reduce hours of activity and avoid listening to their starving complaints. Alba, distraught over the situation in her classroom, was lucky to find #AlimentaLaSolidaridad, headed by Roberto PatiƱo and that seeks to, among many other things, feed children in low income areas of Caracas (you can watch other testimonials and read more details below). Thanks to this program, Alba's community is now feeding 120 kids.  
Having seen the results of this organization, we would like to invite you to participate with your donation to allow Roberto and his team to continue this program and reach many other neighborhoods that are in need. USD 0.6 is the cost of one meal per child per day, and USD 12 is the cost per month.   
Any donation would be more than welcome.
Please us this link:
We thank you in advance for any support you can give,
Daniela and Guillo

Image Source: Arianna Cubillos (via Guardian.co.uk)


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