Sunday, May 24, 2015

Psychic Astrology and the Soul

It's been ten days since my last blog post! I'm usually good at sitting down to write about my experiences. Last week I had an awful cold and I was locked up for days. It's finally worn off and I'm back to my summer of fun in London. At the moment I am taking three classes: angels, psychic astrology and tarot. So far I'm most intrigued by astrology as it's completely new for me. Unfortunately I missed the first class because of this awful cold, so I missed the introduction to the Zodiac signs but I hope I can catch up with some reading. Next week we are going to start looking at our birth charts. I'm curious about this because I have a lot of Aquarius. My sun is in Aquarius, and if you look at the nodes of the moon, my South Node (Past Life Sign) is also in Aquarius. I asked my Kabbalah teacher about this; I may have flunked the lessons I was supposed to learn last time, and here I am with Sun in Aquarius again.

In Astrology of the Soul, Jan Spiller tells us that our South Node reflects personality traits developed over many past lives. They come second nature us, creating a comfort zone that we need to balance out by adopting the qualities of our North Node sign - the exact opposite of our South Node. According to Jan Spiller's theory, I would be happier and more well rounded if I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and adopted behavioural traits that are common to Leo's, the opposite of Aquarius. It's been five years since I read the book and I could probably do with a refresher, but the gist of it was working closely with others, putting myself centre stage (instead of watching or coaching from the sidelines). Leo's like being at the heart of a group, whereas Aquarius does her own thing and won't necessarily wait for others.

I'm not sure how prominent the nodes are in most birth charts. The information in Spiller's book certainly resonated with me, but we haven't covered them in class yet. Instead we focused the zodiac signs and the planets. Personally, I've always been interested in astrology, but I shied away from it because it also felt like a never ending ocean of information (planets, houses, aspects, signs, etc). This class lasts 10 weeks and so far it's great, so hopefully I'll have a better understanding of the stars. Fingers crossed I will also be capable of reading a birth chart. Please drop by my Facebook page if you'd like a practice reading from an astrology newbie :-) 

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