Friday, October 3, 2014

Clairaudience and Psychic Sounds

This is my 400th blog post! I can't believe it! =)

I thought it would be cool to focus on clairaudience today, the psychic sense that I was most excited about when I started blogging. It's about sound, listening to our guides, etc. Clairaudience is also one of the seven senses that I introduced on last week's A1R Psychic Radio show. As you may have guessed, clairaudience is when we receive intuitive messages in the forms of words or sentences, essentially messages that we hear. Song lyrics also come to mind. It helps to keep our mind relaxed, otherwise our guides have to make a huge effort to cut through the chatter. 

Here's an example of a clairaudient message and how it might help us. A few days ago I was getting ready for an energy healing session. My first session with this client was spectacular. She came in with an old sports injury that had been bothering her for two years (she played through the pain), and the pain vanished two days after the healing session. I don't know who was more surprised, my skeptical client or myself! She went away a complete believer =)

Yesterday she came back with a new (minor) injury in her lower back. Could I give her healing? She was travelling in a few days and had to be in tip-top shape. I agreed to see her, but I couldn't promise anything. Finally the moment came when she was lying on the couch waiting for the healing to begin. I was a little bit nervous, I didn't want to let her down but I didn't know what I had done "right" last time. My ego started acting up, putting pressure on me, when the words NO EXPECTATIONS flashed across my mind. That was the attitude I had to adopt during the session. It was a reminder from my guides that as a healer, I am just a channel for the energy. And that I should go with my usual "anything goes" approach. I put any thoughts of success or failure to one side. The "NO EXPECTATIONS" cue had me check my ego at the door, so that the lovely reiki energy could flow without any interference. 

Today I sent her a message, asking how she felt. Funny enough her lower back didn't hurt anymore, but the pain shifted to her leg, indicating that we still need to do some work with the flow of energy in her body. Rather than suggest another Reiki session, I suggested that she follow a grounding meditation: bringing earth energy up through her left leg, across her hips and then down her right leg into the ground. This should help to reestablish the flow of energy in her body, so that she can release what no longer serves her. In this case a bit of self-healing will also come in handy. We can all learn to heal ourselves (click here for my Self-Healing book). From a complementary healing point of view, it's also worth mentioning that this was a minor muscle strain. I am not a physical therapist and Reiki isn't a replacement for treatment.

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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