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Affirmations for Love and Prosperity

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We’ve all heard of Affirmations;  words or phrases that we can repeat to boost confidence levels, or to unlearn beliefs about ourselves. Often touted as a manifesting tool, affirmations are also great for self-healing. 

My approach to Affirmations was shaped by a tutorial that you can find on the popular psychic development blog, A State of Mind. It belongs to Nathaniel, a fellow Healer and Reiki Master. In his post, titled Affirmations 101: What You Need to Know About Using them for Inner Growth, Nathaniel points out the sometimes massive gap between the affirmations we craft for ourselves, and how we feel about the subject deep down.  

For example, you might affirm “I am a powerful, abundant and joyful person.” But how do you feel about those qualities? In this case, the way we feel about abundance, power or joy can create a slight feeling of discord. 

Especially if one of those qualities is still removed from our life. Or maybe we feel guilty about chasing wealth? These moments of discomfort uncover a psychological block that can keep us from enjoying the comforts of an abundant life. Nathan suggests tackling both the affirmation and the belief, as follows: 

  •     Repeating the affirmation 3, 5 or 10 times.
  •     Jotting down any feelings, thoughts or emotions that come to you. 

One of the first questions is: Do you believe that abundance is rightfully yours? And what about love, joy, happiness, or good fortune? If not, where does this resistance come from? Was it something you heard as a child? Or is it based on your previous experiences. Write it down, explore the topic and then let it go. You are going to come back to your affirmations daily for at least a few weeks. If you follow this process, you'll start peel back the layers that keep you from your desires. This is a simplified version of Nathaniel’s technique. His site is astateofmind.eu

How Do We Write Affirmations? 

I find that the most effective affirmations are the ones that we write for ourselves, based on our unique feelings, beliefs and desires. I also wrote a short phrase that you can adapt to meet your needs (see below). It’s based on some of the psychological blocks that I’ve encountered in my healing practice so far. Choose a quality that you’d like to bring into your life, whether its love, abundance, joy or health. Repeat the following three times, morning and night:

I deserve love
I enjoy love
I give love

Three important parts: The first line tells your subconscious that you are good enough, you deserve it. With the second, you give yourself permission to enjoy it. And finally, by bringing sharing into the equation, you trust that it (whatever it is) will never run out. You don’t have to hoard or stockpile it. By sharing, we also grease the wheels of life so that they keep turning. This generosity does have to be balanced. We share because we'll always have enough, not because we don’t deserve it, or because others will like us more for it. The giving is balanced, compassionate, joyful and measured. 

You could also combine several qualities in phrase. For example: “I deserve happiness, I enjoy love and I share my good fortune with others.” Try it out and remember, the most effective affirmations are the ones we write for ourselves. 

 Read Chakra Healing & Magick for more.  

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