Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Predicting the Future - or Not?

Today we're going to talk about the Future. This is a funny one. The future doesn’t exist, but people ask about it all the time. Just this weekend I had an email from a potential client asking about psychic readings. She wanted to know if I predicted the future, and how much I charged for it. The short answer is NO. I have yet to see the future. We can  put 2 and 2 together and predict that if you continue doing XY or Z, you will find yourself in a pickle. But that’s not predicting the future. It’s using common sense and relying on our intuition.

For starters, I don’t believe that the future is set in stone. We are constantly creating it with our choices, our beliefs, our thoughts and our energy. And if I had to choose between predicting the future and creating it, I would go for the latter. I like to think of life as a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel where your choices determine the path you’re on. If you’re not familiar with the books, Choose Your Own Adventure is a series where the reader follows one of the characters and makes decisions for them. 

If you choose Option A, it takes the character down one path. If you choose Option B, they end up somewhere else. It’s a fun action-adventure series and its easy to get your character killed. As a reader, you can go through the novel over and over again, making different choices and seeing where they lead you. There are multiple endings and several storylines with different challenges. Certain events fall across all of these storylines, and maybe in real life, these would correspond to those big events that we can’t seem to escape. Even then, what happens next depends on our reactions and how we choose to deal with adversity (or in some cases, how we deal with good luck – lottery winners often report chaos and upheaval in their lives. We can be completely unprepared even for the “best” of surprises). 

As far as psychic readings are concerned, it’s common to ask about the future. I’ve done it myself many times. But if you think about it, we usually ask about the future when the present moment is unclear. Is it worth investing more time and energy in our plans? Will our dreams work out? Should we give up and go with Plan B instead? All of these are valid questions and to some extent, our determination makes a huge difference. If this is the issue, I'd suggest a lesson on manifesting and meditation. We covered these topics last week, follow this link for Five Steps to Manifest Your Goals, including Meditation, Taking Action and Letting Go. We can also use these to see if our Goals are in alignment with the Highest Good. We’ve all chased the wrong carrot at one point or another. No point doing that again!

Beyond that, psychic readings can be really helpful. Especially when we are trying to navigate our next steps. We won’t always have visibility of the things that goes on around us, and you can ask questions to gain clarity. For example, if you’re angling for a transfer at work, you might not know about vacancies that will be opening up. Rather than ask if the transfer will come through, you can ask questions that will make it easier for you to target your job search. I did this a couple years ago. My contract was running out and I needed to find a new job, hopefully at the same company. I used my pendulum to ask which teams would have vacancies, and then narrowed it down to ask who was leaving. 

The pendulum can be really helpful because it gives you YES/NO answers though you have to keep a clear head. It told me that one of my colleagues was leaving. I went into work the next day and told my boss that I’d heard rumors about a vacancy on that team. Apparently, she was leaving but Human Resources hadn’t posted the vacancy yet. The pendulum was accurate, but I didn’t ask if the job was right for me and in the end, it didn’t work out! Asking the right questions is crucial too! 

Another question that comes up is if we can manifest ANYTHING. I don’t know the answer to this, but there is a theory that I can relate to (courtesy of my  friend and psychic school classmate, April). Think of life as a buffet dinner. We can only fit so many things on our plate, but there are a range of events, relationships and opportunities available to us. Some good, others not so much. The elements that we manifest depend on the choices we make, our beliefs and the energy we send out into the world. Just because something isn't on our plate now, doesn't mean that it won't be in the future. If you’re plate is too full you might have to wait until you have the time, presence and emotional maturity to deal with it. 

Some things won’t be on our manifesting menu to begin with. This can seem like bad news, but if we had a full view of all the wonderful opportunities at our disposal, we wouldn’t waste time worrying about the things that are off limits. This is one of the reasons why I like asking for my best and trusting the Universe to point me in the right direction. 

Thanks for reading! 
Reiki hugs, Regina 

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