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Grounding 101 (Part 2!)

Last week we talked about how useful it is to develop our intuition and our natural healing abilities. The more we learn to trust our sixth sense, the easier it is to navigate the waters of life. I mention water; because this element is linked to our emotions, and boy do they have a tendency to trip us up! Think of a boat sailing through choppy waters, and how eager you would be to get back to shore. That's because the earth provides natural stability. Along the same lines, a firm sense of grounding is essential for energy workers. Which brings me to this week's topic: grounding!

So what is grounding?

Let's ask the expert ... A few months ago I had the pleasure of featuring Justin Bonnet from Healing for Grounding on my blog. Like so many spiritual seekers, Justin's energy is naturally "UP THERE" and he's had quite a journey bringing it back to earth. I am borrowing some of Justin's ideas today. I'd like to send him a big thank you for helping me with today's show! =) 
Justin defines grounding as "the quality of our connection with the earth." A firm sense of grounding will let us feel comfortable in our bodies, in our life and in our surroundings. Grounded people live in the moment, enthusiastically, rather than in their minds. It keeps us in the Now.
It's also the cornerstone of energy work. Energy Healers often use the GAPP protocol, where we Ground, Attune and Protect our Energy before asking Spirit for permission to begin the healing session). We learn to do this before every session because it keeps us safe. It also enhances our ability to channel healing energy. Think of the human body as a grounding rod, the excess energy has to run into the ground, or it will overheat the building (in this case, the healer). Grounding provides an easy outlet for all kinds of personal energy. That could be your own feelings, or emotions that you may have absorbed from other people. Grounding is vital for healers, it's also useful in daily life.

How do you GROUND yourself?

There are plenty of techniques to choose from. Yoga, Tai Chi and breath work are very effective, basically, anything that brings your attention to your body and how it feels. Spending time in nature also works wonders. Eating fresh vegetables can also be grounding. And my personal favorite: grounding meditations where you see and feel earth energy run through your body. The emphasis has to be on how it feels, to make it real, otherwise the exercise could be purely mental. The techniques are simple, the “quote un-quote” hard part is remembering to check-in every day.

Grounding is a daily practice, not a one-time fix, so it does require a bit of dedication. By now, Im sure youre wondering, whats in it for me?

Being grounded has amazing benefits: 
  • Stimulate your Root Chakra: Being grounded goes hand in hand with having a healthy and vibrant Root Chakra. The Root (or Base Chakra) is located at the bottom of the spine and is usually seen as red in color. It is our connection to the earth and all of it's wonderful, healing energy. The Root represents our sense of belonging, with our families, our communities and how safe we feel being ourselves. It is also the foundation for the rest of the energy system, including the physical body and any symptoms felt there. A healthy root feeds into the rest of our chakras, providing a solid foundation for every aspect of life whether its abundance, relationships, self expression or your connection to the divine. If you do nothing else today, ground yourself! ;-) 
  • Let off Steam: Grounding provides a special release mechanism. When we are grounded, stress and tension can be sent into the ground, where it is cleansed and purified. This includes anxiety and general energy absorbed from other people. If you are a sensitive person, grounding can be a godsend. Start by visualizing a grounding cord, extending from the soles of your feet or from your Root Chakra, down to the center of the earth. Scan your energy and intend for any emotional debris to fall through the cord into the ground. You can also finish by visualizing a violet flame at the center of the earth, purifying the energy so that it can be used again.
  • Recharge Your Batteries: We can also bring new energy into our body through the foot chakras. When I'm tired, the bottoms of my feet start to pulsate. I take that as a cue to put my feet on the ground and soak in the energy. You can activate your foot chakras by visualizing and feeling roots growing out of the bottom of your feet into the ground. The trick is to pay attention to how it feels, especially how it feels being anchored to Mother Earth. At first it may help to picture green earth  energy flowing into your body. Hold the intention and trust that it will happen.
  • Surf Through Life: This is a benefit that I am just wrapping my head around: being grounded makes it easier for us to capitalise on the natural ebb and flow in the universe. When you're grounded, things fall into place easily. It's like catching that perfect wave and letting it carry you to the finish line. The wave has always been there, but when you're ungrounded it will pass you by (or knock you down). Now that I think of it  surfing is also a great way to ground yourself! So go out and get grounded! 

This may seem like a lot of information, but don't worry, it's all intertwined. Working on the Root Chakra strengthens the legs and hips, or vice versa. Try a few approaches and see what works for you. Some people are better at grounding through their legs with yoga. Others are good with meditation. Please visit Justin Bonnet's blog for more details: You'll find lots of useful info on crystals, essential oils, massages and other grounding techniques. 

Once you are grounded, visualise a soft white light around your Aura. This serves to protect your energy and keep it clear, so you can go about your day with no fuss.

Read Chakra Healing & Magick more on grounding, clearing and shielding your energy. There  you'll find an introduction to the energy body, the auras, chakras, etc. Thank You for tuning in! =) 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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