Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ascension through Grounding

I am reading a new book called Ascension Magic by Christopher Penzack. He also wrote Magical Reiki, my favorite Reiki book so far. I like to consider myself a healer and know next to nothing about Ascension or why it matters. The impression I have so far is that some people may want to ascend their way out of the pain and suffering experienced on Earth. Fair enough ... 

Buddha, Mother Mary and other spiritual figures are said to have ascended. Same is true for all of the Ascended Masters. The very word implies an upwards motion, but my gut feeling is that in my case, I will "ascend" by grounding myself. Spirituality doesn't have to be about escapism. On some level, that is what Christianity promises: behave, and whatever you are missing now will be rewarded later. Though of course, it also encourages us to do good now.  

So what is grounding

For me, it is deciding to live in the present moment, on earth, not thinking about the future or holding out for a better time or place (a beach holiday, the Pleiades or the mythical land of Avalon). On an energetic level, this translates to being fully grounded in the body and in the moment. In energy healing and spiritual circles, it’s common to meet people whose attention is elsewhere. Myself included. 

This is where we're supposed to be. We can begin to heal when we accept that, and realize that material and/or fear based pursuits aren't all they have cracked up to be. There has to be another way to live our lives. The Black Eyed Peace sang it best.

2024 Update: I just added the song. Let’s ground ourselves from the heart chakra and work with what is real to make it better. 

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