Thursday, October 31, 2013

Associate Remote Viewing and a Big Surprise!

I can't sleep, so I might as well blog. And I have a lot to write about this week! On Monday my Self-Healing, Cancer & Love e-book made Amazon's best sellers in the free Kindle store! It went all the way up to No. 9 and stayed there a whole day. Since then it's hung on in the paid Kindle store. Top 10 for 'cancer' and Top 20 for 'Mental and Emotional Healing'. Yay! Thank goodness for miracles =) 

This week I'm an Amazon Best Seller! (or Best Giveaway-er)! I'm psyched so many people got the book. I hope it gets them to think differently about their lives, with or without cancer.  That's what I'm hoping. 

My other big news .... 

I finally cracked Remote Viewing! If you remember my last post about RV, I was  frustrated and confused with the  process. Couldn't wrap my head around it. Well this week things changed. We were told to come to class with two Yes-No questions. My first question was 'Should I stay in London' as I am tempted to go home (Mexico or US). Where would I be happiest and more on purpose? 

We started by taking a white piece of paper and writing our name, the date, location, time, etc. Then we made a note of our Advanced Visuals (what came to mind before the reading) and how we felt. I was nervous and sleepy. Then the teacher read out the coordinate (the tag used to identify the image we were viewing). I wrote it down and immediate drew a squiggly shape underneath.

That squiggly is what we use to connect to the RV target. The teacher had two items hidden out of sight. Both had the same coordinate tag assigned, but one signaled YES and the other NO.

We then went through a list of questions, nothing to do with our overarching question. We were instructed to put our fingertip on the squiggly and close our eyes. Get a sense of the target:

Is it solid?
Is there liquid/water?
Is it alive?
Is it inanimate? 
What do you hear? 
What do you smell
Any colors?

I got solid (yes), liquid (no), alive (no), inanimate (yes), I heard an Edith Piaf song that I sometimes listen to on my iPod when I am out for a run. Didn't get any colors. And then finally when we were instructed to bring our attention to the centre of the room and "see" an object on an empty table ... 

I saw an Apple.

The teacher came round to look at our answers. I was like, I saw an apple. I have no idea what that means! Well she did! But first, she told me my answer was NO. 

What? Like really leave London? ...

It turns out that the object I remote viewed was a pair of APPLE earphones. The kind you use to listen to MUSIC. And it clearly had no liquid, no pulse, etc. I remote viewed the object that stood for NO. 

How do I feel about this? Not sure. For years I wanted to move to London and when I finally landed a work visa (without a job offer) I couldn't believe my luck. That was in January 2009, right after the stock market crashed and things went haywire. But even so, it only took two mons to find a job. And then I stumbled upon The College of Psychic Studies. And eventually energy healing. It all came together. 

So is that it then? I have some pondering to do. 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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  1. I am so happy for you! Congratulations. ARV is a great RV methodology for binary questions.

    1. Hello! Is the same Anonymous that comments on all my RV posts? Would love to chat sometime. =)

      Yes, I really liked ARV! We have done it twice so far and I'm finally getting the hang of it. Both times I got very specific and accurate answers though we didn't go through too many levels of questions. Its pretty cool. I want to keep it up but the College of Psychic Studies only has a beginners level. So I might "practice at home" .... =)

  2. If you had a like minded partner, you could trade targets!